21 March 2011

Goodbye Blondie

So today was a serious turning point for me! I have been blonde for as long as i can remember, when i was tiny i used to be like fluro blonde(!), when i grew a little older it became darker and i didn't really like what it was turning into - that dirty, drab, mousy sort of colour that did nothing for me, so i decided to go blonde again - bright blonde! I have been dying my hair blonde for at least eight years, but today i wanted a change. I wanted to go a little darker anyway as i was thinking that when i go to university, in september, i'm not going to have the time, or the money, to be going to hairdressers as much as i do now. So when i got to the hairdressers, this morning, i told my lovely friend, and stylist, Steven my dilema! We went from just going a more golden blonde to considering dying it entirely Rihanna red! I had always considered going brunette, but was never quite sure of how it would suit me. So, after a lot of consideration we decided that we'd do a happy medium between me wanting to go darker, wanting red hair and wanting my purple hair back and we finally came up with this beauty!

I absolutely love it and am so, so glad that i took that plunge! Don't get me wrong, i adored being my blonde self but i think this is a step in the right direction for me. I feel a little more grown up and a little more the person i want to be. This feels like the first step to my next chapter, and i really can't wait for it to get into full swing. I'm 19 in only 2 short weeks, and that's another milestone in itself. Only 2 weeks until easter, and the Mr are home, and then it's April - full of exciting adventures and the start of lots of events. This means only another 2 months left at College and then my Summer can begin! A little scary as there is a lot to do before then, but i have it under control so everything is right on track - Bring it on, is all i can say! This is also what i wore for my trip to the Salon (post appointment, obv!)

Jeans: Topshop Tall / Blazer: New Look / Top (Underneath): Primark / Top: Topshop via Sale / Scarf: H&M

All in all, i am very happy with the change! Is there anything you're a little scared to take the plunge into?


  1. Your hair looks so lovely, it suits you so much, it really does. I really think it marks a significant change, I remember having really long hair for most of my teens, then suddenly having it all chopped off into a bob- it was such a change, but did me the world of good, I instantly felt a boost of confidence :)

    p.s Just emailed you xx

  2. The brown really suits you. Looks lovely.
    You make sure you have a nice birthday next week :D Becci. xxx

  3. ♥Love your blog♥

  4. Your hair looks lovely :) x


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