27 March 2011


Before i start, i'd just like to take this oppurtunity to say HELLO to all my new followers! Without you wonderful ladies, i don't think i would be where i am; and also a huge thank you to everyone who takes the time out of their day to comment, it never goes unnoticed and is always greatly appreciated! So, thank you.

On with the show!

So, now i'm a brunette/redhead, fake of course, i am having to treat my hair a little differently, and with a little more care. So, as suggested by my lovely friend, and hair stylist, Steven over at Halo, i have changed my regular Herbal Essences shampoo for a colour protect one instead. I started with the colour protect from pantene but after washing, it left my hair feeling heavy and greasy. After asking around, i have heard a few other horror stories from using Pantene products, with similar results - so i was totally put off that one! I moved on to Tresemme and although not as bad when letting my hair dry naturally, it felt sticky to touch and when totally dry my hair still didn't feel it's smooth, clean self - i still wasn't totally happy! So i went back to Steven to ask his advice, and he suggested one that they sold in Salon, a little pricey at £9.75, i was willing to try anything to get my old hair back! So after using this product, admittedly i did scrub a little harder in the shower to try and remove all shampoo, this one worked a lot better leaving my hair feeling light and soft. It claims to not only protect colour vibrancy longer and protect from colour loss, but also to be sulphate-free and smooth & shine, while helping to protect from UV damage - the perfect package!

I think that since dying my hair, as before my hair was a lot drying due to the bleaching, it's been a little bit of a shock to the system, with my hair, as my hair is now a lot more moisturised and soft, thanks to the dye. So, possibly the ultra smoothness of my hair is really not helping with the greasy issue, but it seems like i've found a shampoo that will help conbat my colour loss and keep grease to a minimum - highly recommend this shampoo! It feels a little thicker than other shampoos, and maybe a little stickier, but it has the most delicous caramel-y smell! (I've decided it smells like the Toffee Hoops Muller Crunch Corner!) Bedhead also do a colour protect conditioner, that they suggest you use with the shampoo - as always.

If anyone else has any suggestions, i'm more than willing to accept! Happy Sunday, lovely ladies.

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