20 March 2011

Weekend Round Up

I'm (finally) home, fed, showered and settled after a long, and slightly humid, day at work; Working in a greenhouse is seriously the bane of my life, weather wise! Throughout winter i have to wear at least 2 layers, if not 3 just to insulate and through the summer, starting from the end of march, you have to strip to within an inch of your work acceptable life, utter nightmare!
Anyway! As i told you in my Friday Feeling, i spent my day, yesterday, in Cambridge exploring what the city's "FAB Weekend" had to offer. I think i may have had my expectations a little high, but i think they probably could have done a lot more. It was rather small, with a selection of stalls, housing high street stores, online boutiques and odd things like private hospitals! But they did have some things worth looking at, the fashion show could also have been done a lot better but hey, at least they showcased clothing from local stores. I think it was a nice idea to help promote the local area, as we all know that if we don't shop at our local stores, soon there'll be no sweet little cubby hole shops anymore, Tesco will take over everything! Here are a few snaps from the day:

Blue Inc. Fashion Show / Cambridge Corn Exchange / "Ribbon"'s Stall / Stalls / Thomas Sabo Stall

I also happened to snap up a few buys too! I absolutely fell in love with this gorgeous box bag, from a stall at the fashion event. It's from an online shop called Gem's Boutique. She had a fab collection of vintage clothing, as well as bags and a beautiful array of brooches. I could have shopped on, but this bag was only £8.50 and i thought i'd quit while i was ahead, as i had a few things that i needed elsewhere.

I finally got my hands on the Henry Holland tights i've been after forever! I can't wait to take them for a test drive, i plan on wearing the suspender ones when me and the mr go to London for We Will Rock You. I definitely think that you should all check out the new range at Pretty Polly, including the range from HH - amazing; I've got my eye on the fringed hold ups!

I also bought my regular mascara, but to my dismay the already horrendous price has gone up even more, to £16.50! I have now decided that i do not need to be spending £16.50 every time i need some mascara, so i'm desperately searching for a new one. I have very fair, thin eyelashes and the good thing about Benefit's is the very large, bristley brush, i think my lashes need that - has anyone got any suggestions!?

This is the outfit i decided on for my adventure to Cambridge:

Skirt: Topshop / Top: New Look / Blazer: New Look / Tights: Tesco / Necklace: Dorothy Perkins / Scarf: H&M

I have been wanting to wear this skirt for SO long, i've had it for an absolute age and just not been sure how to style it, but inspiration hit me on Saturday morning and i decided to throw caution to the wind and try out this new colour pop trend! I was really proud of this little put together, and this blazer was dirt cheap in the New Look sale and it's done me so well!

Well, i've had a fab weekend - i hope you all enjoyed the sunshine this weekend soon! PS. I finally ordered my Macbook Pro this weekend, in about 3 weeks time i will be blogging to you from beyond a 15 inch high resolution anti glare screen!

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  1. I love the bag, and must admit Bad Gal lash is one of my favourite mascara's but the price tag (like most Benefit products is way too high). I tend to stick to Rimmel volume ones xx


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