25 March 2011

Friday Feeling #9

001. I'm afraid that this week, i don't have anything terribly exciting to tell you this week! The most exciting thing i've done this week has been turning brunette(!), but you can check that post out for yourselves! Apart from that, this week has gone fairly quick as i've been pretty busy! However, the past 2 days at college have really felt to drag - i've been quite productive though, so that's always a good thing, especially at such a crucial time!

002. I've been tagged by Alice to undertake the Handwriting Challenge and i have accepted it with open arms!

The rules are to write the following:
1. your name & blog
2. blog url
3. write: "a quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog"
4. favourite quote
5. favourite song
6. favourite band(s) & artist(s)
7. anything else you wish to say!
I'd like to tag:

Becci from Faint Hearted Sparrow
'Elle from Ellieand
& Bethany from Tuesday

003. My mum has just bought me a gorgeous top from New Look, and i can't wait to show you and test it out! She also bought some Quality Streets for me, so i'm going to munch on those this evening while i watch Embarassing Bodies, well, if it's possible to eat while watching that!


  1. Aah thank you! I'll have to give this a go sometime, although my name's not actually Ellie :P it's so confusing - basically, Ellieand is an anagram of my real name danielle! hehe

  2. ahh, i love that! but i like ellie being short for danielle, it sounds cute (: and you seem to suit it too! so, i think i'll stick with calling you ellie (: hehe! K xo

  3. Hey kat, thanks for the tag, i've just written every thing down now, probs blog it tomorrow.

  4. I love this challenge, you picked a Notebook quote too <3 I love that film so much, everything about it is just so beautiful.

    Your paper is way prettier than mine too! xx


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