28 March 2011

Spring Clean

So, today has, yet again, been spent plowing through my FMP work. From looking at religious forms of women's dress to statement jackets, you name it - i've looked into it! & i've had a little helper along the way! Speaking of FMP, i was wondering if i could ask you fabulous ladies for a favour! For one of my research stages, i am looking into what 21st centuary women wear to make themselves feel good, day to day - my theory being that women make a concious decision, every day, about what they're going to wear, and there must be a reason for this decision (whether it be to make them feel confident, to make them stand out or to make them blend in!). So, my little favour is that i'm wondering whether i could borrow a photo from each of you? One of you wearing something you wear day to day, but makes you feel, well, however you want to feel! I'd appreciate it if you could send it to me via email at kathryn(dot)adams@btinternet(dot)com, or just let me know that it's okay for me to use an image from your blog - either is perfect for me! The image will only be used in my research work for my FMP, and for nothing else, i promise! I needed to take a break from thinking about FMP, for a while, so i decided to tidy up a bit. I've been meaning to organise my things for a while, but have never really got round to it since the last time i changed things around. I have a set of six book shelves, in my room, that are usually cluttered with year old books that i read once and never wanted to read again, so i took it upon myself to get rid of the ones that really ment nothing to me. As for the rest, i put the ones that i really couldn't bare to part with away, in storage (hiding in my closet) but left the ones that i occasionally pull out now and again (such as Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern) and all of my art/textiles books, and magazines, on the top 2 shelves. This left me the lower 4 shelves for whatever i wished for! This shelf is housing my stationary bits & bobs; from L to R: My glass sweetie jar (from paperchase) stores all my buttons, bits, bobs & the bracelets i wear day to day, A lovely letter that i received from Alice this morning(!), Boxes filled with paper, envelopes, labels, sequins and some thread, My little bags contain ribbons and pegs and at the back my Cath Kidston Make! book, that i now use for the pictures.
This seems to have turned into a 'stuff' shelf, from L to R: The scarves i picked up in Amsterdam for 1 euro each, The bag i bought at the fashion event in Cambridge, A bag a received free from Lady Luck Rules OK!, Plasters, Notebooks, Pin Cushion, Masking Tape, E45, The bottle my Grandad found while plowing the fields one day (He was a farmer) and My alcohol stash.

Another 'stuff' shelf, from L to R: Tesco ice cream scented bubbles (Strawberry & Vanilla), My 2011 diary, Oyster card, My ear muffs, My file that contains important items (used to be a paperchase stationary set), Some little purses and pockets, Box full of hair accessories & My Mcfly CD collection!

L to R: My cosmo bought on my 18th birthday (Almost a year old!), My nail varnish collection in an old Fruit Pop tub, and my most important reads - the latest Elles & Harpers, etc.

I just can't wait to add my new stationary to this very tidy collection; i've just ordered some new Cath Kidston stuff & i am dying for the Kirstie Allsopp set! Perfect.


  1. haha, i love that you keep your nail varnishes in a sweet tub- mine are busting out of an old gift box at the mo...not cool.
    I'm just about to email you an answer to that qu :) x

  2. I have those Tesco scented bubbles too! I'll email you a picture tomorrow, if that's all right? (: x

  3. i appreciate all your help, lovely ladies! x

  4. I love all the cute little boxes you have, things like that are so perfect for keeping jewellery and trinkets safe and secure plus they look nice. If I want to feel confident i Put on a fitted skirt, nice top, make up and great shoes. feel free to use any images from my blog too. good luck with your FMP

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  5. I’m so glad your letter arrived! I posted it Saturday morning but missed the collection by 10minutes (or so I thought, maybe the postman was running late) so I thought it would be sat in the empty post box all weekend, but it obviously managed to get to you sooner :) I hope it was ok, do excuse my musings on mascara!

    I love seeing the way people arrange stationary, it’s always fascinating to me. I love you Paperchase glass jar and the ice cream bubbles are amazing! xx

  6. thank you so much for all your help! it is very much appreciated! xx


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