31 January 2011

A Fashion Fix

This post is way over due, but like i am constantly moaning about - it's crazy busy at the moment!

But last week i settled down, i'm sure like hundreds of other Wan Fanatics, to watch Gok's new series: 'Gok's Clothes Roadshow' in which he's scouring the country in search of women (so far) that are desperate to know how to dress themselves for their figure. Whether you're an apple, a pear or top heavy - Gok has the fix for you.

I really enjoy the part of the show where he gets together a large group of women, from wherever he is in that episode, gets them to bring clothes that they no longer like, or think don't suit them, and tells them all what shape they are. After putting them into groups he swaps the clothes between the women making them look a million dollars! - I love a good clothes swap, i think plenty more friends should do it!

I also always enjoy his clothes creations and this week i absolutely adored his seventies dress, shown below (best picture i could find!)

He always ceases to amaze me! After putting this plain, halterneck, navy a-line dress on the model - first showing it tied how any highstreet chain, or regular woman, would think to tie it (just straight back in a knot), he then showed us how to tie it to create a shape and shoulder to the dress (straight back, then wrap under the arms and over, then tie in the middle of the neck) This created a little sleeve, under which he put three shoulder pads trying to create a "football player" look. After doing this, and focusing on the dress he created those gorgeous gold shoulders but simply putting a hairband, with embellishment, over each shoulder! I mean, i would never ever think to do that but it really opened my mind! However, i'm sure i'll still never remember to think to do something as creative, and simple as that! After all this, simply putting the gold studs around the waist just set it all off.

Beautiful! And so, so simple.

Whether you're a Gok fan or not, like the gaurdian journalist in this article! I think you have to admire his creativity and flare; Goktastic!

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