14 January 2011

Friday Feeling #1

I've decided to take a very fashionable leaf out of Jen & Lily's books and start a series entitled 'Friday Feeling', somewhere i can let you know anything interesting that has happened in my week or if i've found anything i think that you'd appreciate!

001. I have been super super busy this week, getting back into college life etc and havn't had time to do the outfit posts i had wanted to, so;

Skirt: Max Jeans / Jumper: Next Via Sale / Leggings: Next

This outfit is simple, but effective! I bought this jumper, in green, a couple of months ago and when i saw it in black in the sale i had to snap it up, for half what i originally payed! It's got a subtle gold thread running through it which really keeps it slightly dressy, which i think is never a bad thing. This ensemble is cosy and warm, but the skirt keeps it interesting - i bought it a couple of years ago and rarely wear it, but when i do i always think 'i really must wear this skirt more often!' as it always makes me feel good!

Skirt: Topshop / Cardigan: H&M / Top: Primark / Jacket: H&M Via Sale / Leggings: Next / Necklace: Via Gift

I absolutely love this jacket! I bought for something like £10 in the sale, and i think that's a bargain when it was about £30 originally! It has loads of colours in the floral, which i adore! I thought i was going a little out there with this outfit - wearing the green and purple - but i actually really like the outcome! The jacket pulls all the colours together, and this adorable strawberry pendent necklace keeps things sweet!

002. Like i said, i have been unbelievably busy this week! They've really thrown us into the deep end at college this week, as i'm still working on our current project, 'architecture', and next week we're given our new project, which i believe is 'Hidden'. I'm not looking forward to having to juggle two big projects, AND trying to finish both - making a final piece for both - in the next 5 weeks before our panel review (to let us onto the next stage of the course, for FMP). I think i just about have architecture sorted, it's just a matter of making the final outcome - which i plan to be some sort of head/hair piece. I also have two other smaller projects to think about on top of these but, after talking to my tutor, i'm hoping she'll hold them off for a while to get these projects over with!

003. I'm STILL waiting for replies from universities through UCAS! It's been weeks now, and my friends are beginning to get emails and interviews from their unis; It's beginning to stress me out a little bit! I'm trying to keep calm, as they havn't applied to the same ones as i have (Southampton Solent, Birmingham City, Middlesex & Nottingham Trent). I'm just hoping that as tomorrow is the UCAS deadline, i'll begin hearing things asap! Nervous!

004. Something that did brighten up my week was that i my prize from A Little Bird's 12 Days of Christmas giveaway arrived and it is the most gorgeous bag! It's the perfect size for taking out and about with me, it fits everything you need and doesn't leave room for junk! PERfect. This particular pattern is one of my favourite Cath Kidston patterns, in fact i even have a Cath Kidston Box Bag in this print!

005. I happened to stumble accross this fabulous little blog, Sadie's Wardrobe, while searching through blogs followed by the blogs i follow, it's a great way to come accross a good read, as the people behind the blogs you follow often have the same interests as you do!

006. I can't wait to get finished on these latest projects, get some replies from universities and get onto some adventures i have planned for the near future! February half term can't come soon enough!

Have you had anything exciting or interesting happen to you this week?

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  1. That necklace is just awesome! :) xx from Amsterdam


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