7 January 2011

Ladies Who Lunch

Jumper: Next / Skirt: Topshop / Tights: Tesco / Belt: Via Clothes Swap / Necklace: Accesorize

I went for lunch with 2 of gorgeous girlies, at the Taproom - which is the kind of bar/foody/snacky/loungey type establishment - i needed something comfy, warm but pretty, so i finally decided on this (i believe i did take the belt off, eventually, after one too many nachos!) I absolutely adore this jumper from next, my mum bought it for me for christmas - i had previously tried it on but discarded it due to lack of funds! It's just so incredibly soft that it makes you feel super, super cosy! I have also found it to be extremely flexible - i've worn it over skirts, jeans and leggings. What makes it even more cute, is that it has a really sweet hanky hem type edge at either side - which this picture really doesn't show to it's extremem cutness! I have to say, initially it was a passing love it but could leave it, and has now become a firm favourite, being worn to keep me extra warm in these early wintery months at college (however, there is a little splodge of white paint now on the right sleeve - ah, the life of a fashion student! i like to think it adds character!)

Have you got any staple items to get you through january's doom & gloom?

ps. i just though i'd let you all know that i have now added the completely adorable "Like" button at the bottom of my blog posts! So if you don't feel like making a comment, feel free to just add a little like - they'll brighten these extremely dark days!

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