31 January 2011

Home Is Where The Heart Is

It finally came to the weekend where my mr came home! It's only been 3 weeks, but it's felt like forever & i think we both needed some time together.

We spent a fleeting (and freezing) Saturday morning in Cambridge, where i have to say - i am beginning to loose faith the Great British Highstreet. I know things are always hit & miss but i'm really feeling the miss at the moment! For example, i have a whopping £70 in vouchers to spend in Topshop, and after 2 trips i still havn't found anything i think is worth spending them on! What makes it even worse is that, it's absolutely ridiculous but you can't use them online - crazy! As we all know i am a leggy lady, and on the Topshop website they have some gorgeous Tall Camel Jeans and i am desperate for them! So i waited to see if they had them in Cambridge (so i could use my vouchers) and they had them in every size, but mine! When i get home, i decide that i am that desperate that i just have to have them, but when i go online they no longer have them in my size! Gutted. Maybe it was a sign, but i'm still seriously miffed!

But after a lovely morning, we came home and went for lunch at Pizza Express - as Jonny's sister & co bought us a voucher for christmas, and it was such a good pizza! Just what we needed after a chilly morning.

It's been so lovely to spend some quality time with the mr, i've really missed him! It's always an adventure with him, and sometimes it's difficult having the person that's your partner and your best friend far away for the majority of the year, i can't wait to go visit him in Southampton in a few weeks!

I was only supposed to be seeing him on Saturday, but we decided to make the most of him being at home so after a draining day at work on Sunday, i drove over to have a scrummy dinner with him & his parents. It's been so lovely to spend some quality time with him!

Despite a mad weekend, which ended in some hasty plans for the summer - exciting but i'm a complete plan freak and need to know all details before i can become excited! - I did make some time to take photos of my Saturday shopping and my Sunday snuggles outifts (excuse the more awful than usual lighting!):

001. Saturday: Jeans: Topshop Tall / Cardigan: H&M / Top (Underneath): Primark / Top: New Look / Blazer: New Look

002. Sunday: Jeans: Topshop Tall / Cardigan: H&M / Top: New Look / Scarf: H&M / Necklace: Primark

Overall, my weekend was perfect! How about yours?

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  1. Hi Legs11Eleven. Its great to see somebody making an effort to share their fashion experiences.
    I too am slightly on the leggy side and completely understand the issues with those damned reg length jegs. NIGHtmARE!


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