2 January 2011

& A Happy New Year!

Jeans: Topshop / Strappy Top (Under Jumper): H&M / Jumper: Topshop via Sale / Necklace: Accessorise / Scarf: H&M

So, this was my new years eve outfit; Nothing overly special, but i was pretty happy with it! Considering my evening was spent with my mr watching gavin & stacey, drinking hot chocolate, eating ben & jerry's (as the mr has just had his wisdom teeth yanked out!) and playing articulate, this seemed perfect - comfortable yet festive!

I have to just make a point about 3 new items of clothing! My new Topshop Tall 'Leigh' Jeans are superb. (I only ever buy my jeans from Topshop's Tall range, due to the fact my leg length becomes a slight issue when shopping for bottoms, and i have come to realise that i can rely on them, trusty and versatile!) I bought this particular pair not exactly knowing what i was letting myself in for, as i usually buy their 'Baxter' jeans. I wanted to buy a dark pair, after reading my new Lauren Conrad book (she suggests having a dark pair as their that little bit smarter!) and i have to say, i was pleasantly surprised when these little gems arrived through my door! Apparently their 'Leigh' jenas are "Super Soft Skinny", and when it says super soft it means super soft! I bought them because they looked ultra skinny, and they're super clingy - just how i like them! They're also a very light denim, which is nice - some of their other denims can be quick thick, and these will take me all year round!

This gorgeous Topshop sale gold jumper, was a treat to find! Now, i'm not one for sale shopping as i can't handle the mess, the time or the frantic shoppers! BUT after spending a mere 5 minutes having a little rummage through a nice, quiet rack brought me to this little beauty. At first, i wasn't sure, but after trying it on, it was the only thing out of my stack of other items that tickled my fancy! Suprising, it actually does keep heat in (despite the holes!) However, they do say that even a large knit does keep you snug! It's the perfect size and shape to wear with everything; jeans, skirts, dresses, leggings - everything. I think this will carry me right through to next winter, and will feature a lot in my outfits! I have to say, it made me a very happy shopper.

This lovely little 1920's telephone necklace was a christmas present from my mum! I had previously spotted it on a shopping trip to cambridge and she obviously saw my love for it! I havn't been wearing too much jewellry lately, and the gorgeous pieces i got for christmas are going to get me back into it! The sweet little details make this piece one of a kind, and it's different to anything i've seen - plus the size is puuuurfect!

I hope that you all had a lovely new year, and didn't have to spend too long picking out the perfect outfit!

Happy New Year!

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