9 July 2016

The Dior Instant Gentle Cleansing Oil

Although I absolutely adore my Clinique Take the Day Off Balm for my make up removal, sometimes you just get the itch to try something else. I'd been binging on skincare routine videos on Youtube, and a lot of people use an oil to remove their make up so I wondered what I was missing out on basically. In the past I had tried the MAC Cleanse Off Oil and hated it, but I had heard great things about this one in particular so thought i'd see for myself.

The Dior Instant Gentle Cleansing Oil can be applied to dry or damp skin, i preferred to apply it damp as it helped to really work it in, and massage it in circular motions all over the skin, including the eyes. It claims to to remove even the most stubborn make up but doesn't actually mention anything about waterproof, and also professes to be removed without leaving any oily residue.

Now, I didn't like it but after my fleeting relationship with the MAC offering it may just be that cleansing oils aren't for me. Despite it's claims, I didn't feel like it removed my make up particularly amazingly. It removed it all after a couple of applications but I like to use a lot of mascara and where my usual Clinique choice has no problem with my lashings of the stuff I just didn't feel like this did as good of a job. Maybe i'm not being fair, but when you've got something you love to compare it to it probably will never stand up to it! It's a fairly liquidy consistency, I know it's an oil, but some can be more of a serum texture but this is definitely an oil which I actually find quite hard to apply but, like I said, some people rave about them. I also felt like although it didn't leave a residue per say, it did feel my skin feeling a little bit tacky and not completely clean. I obviously went in with my cleanser which took away that feeling, but again i'm used to my Clinique leaving me feeling soft and clean.

Overall, it's not a bad product. It does what it says on the tin, I just don't think it's outstanding and, for me, I just have something I prefer. I think maybe i'm not the best person to test this out as I think perhaps oils just aren't my jam, but i'm glad i've tested it out to put my mind at rest if nothing else!


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