2 July 2016

My 2016 Memory Jar: Six Month Update

So seeing as it's the beginning of July now, we are officially six months into the year - can we just take a moment for that? Who can believe we're already half way through 2016! - I thought it'd be fun to revisit my memory jar that I posted about at the beginning of the year.

So far 2016 has been a really strange but satisfying year. It started off pretty dull and for the first, probably, three months my little jar stayed empty. I thought about getting rid of it because I never did anything interesting that would mean for anything to go into it and frankly it just proved to me that actually I was quite a boring person. However, something happened about three months in that gave me a kick up the bum to sort myself out, stop coasting and actually live my life - which is what i decided to do. It has been quite a turbulent six months, i've made some absolutely amazing memories so far with even more amazing people but there have also been some very difficult pills to swallow along the way.

I've been trying to throw myself into everything, make plans and basically do everything that I haven't done in the past couple of years. I make myself out to be an exceptionally confident, outgoing person but actually i deal with a lot of anxiety and get nervous really easily which has previously stopped me doing a lot. This year I have vowed to myself to get myself out of my comfort zone and do things, which I can happily say I have certainly been doing

In this first half of the year have done so many lovely things with my friends. There has been very few weeks that I haven't been out for a drink after work with them, or going to the cinema, or going to work out classes, shopping, you name it. It's been so lovely to remember that I should be choosing to live my life and not just sit at home, I do have to say that it has meant getting time to write blog posts has been tricky but it has been more than lovely. I really do have a truly wonderful family of friends around me at the moment, which I feel extremely grateful for.

One of my favourite memories was from my birthday, we went to Vodka Revs to do the weekly quiz, have some drinks and some food, and so many of my friends came out for it. They got me a cake and a lovely card signed from them all and it really made me feel thankful and especially loved. I've also been to London a bunch of times with my friends. I went to visit my friend Lizzie who's at university there and we had a major girls day, filled with afternoon tea and shopping. In April, I went with my friend Savannah, we had lunch and most excitingly went up the Sky Garden which is possibly one of my most favourite places ever. It was beautiful and so lovely to share with one of my best friends.

I have also, very unusually deciding that maybe it's about time I get out there and try dating, which i most certainly have. Very few with a successful ending but it's been really out of my comfort zone to go on dates and put myself out there so i've been proud of myself for doing so. I don't want to go into too much detail because I don't want to put things out there about people without their consent, but I've actually been very happy with a man once this year which, sadly, did not work out but onwards and upwards. It was a great learning curve for me and taught me a lot about myself, helping me grow and move forward. I've been on a couple of dates, and am happy with where I am on the dating scene right now.

Honestly, i'm feeling very content with life right now. I'm actually thinking about writing a post about being content, so keep your eyes peeled for that one but i'm just very happy i'm going to have this reminder about 2016 because so far it's turning into a really awesome year with so many amazing plans still to come.


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