25 June 2016

What's Happening to my Feet? #2

A weird post today, but I thought I should probably do a bit of a follow up to the "What's Happening to my Feet? #1" post I did back in January. I was having a lot of problems with my feet, as I explained in that post, and also a lot of pain but since then I visited a local Podiatrist to get them looked at and see if they could do anything to help me.

I visited the Podiatrist probably four or so months ago now and actually had two appointments. In the first appointment the Podiatrist looked over my feet, looked at my leg lengths, looked at how I stood, how my hips and shoulders aligned and how I stood. From that she determined that I do walk with my feet pointing inwards, that one legs is actually quite a lot shorter than the other (nothing noticeable, don't worry) and that I have fairly low arches. All of this combined does put a lot of strain on my feet and especially so since I spend almost all day, every day on them.

She said that my footwear of choice, although not the most flattering, is the perfect choice for, not only my feet, but for my current job. They keep my feet firmly in place, thanks to the T-bar style strap and have a fairly thick, cushioned sole.

After the consultation she said that she thought the best resolution was to order me in some innersoles and then fit them to my feet, which is what we did. I waited a couple of weeks and then had a call that the innersoles were waiting for me and so I made a second appointment to get them fitted. The second visit was super easy and we trialled and errored until we were both happy with how they fit.

Basically what happens is they order the main body of the innersole (the grey part you see above) in the style and size that is needed, in my case she ordered the half style, and then with it comes lots of bits and pieces that can be added on where needed to fit it to you. In this case I had the large red piece on the left added to help with my low arch, and she actually shaved it to correctly fit it to my needs and the black part on the right is to help with the leg length to even them up.

To begin with I wore these in every pair of shoes, every day. I swapped them between my work shoes and boots and whatever I was wearing, whereas now I exclusively wear them in my work shoes and I have absolutely no problems. So clearly it was at work that was causing the most damage, which I kind of assumed. Now on days off I can wear really flat shoes, without them, and have no pain at all which is a complete blessing. Even at work now I have zero issues or pain, so i'm very glad I bit the bullet and went and them looked at.


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