14 October 2015

Dealing with Cystitis

For as long as i can remember, i have suffered with chronic cystitis. In fact, i've dubbed myself as the Queen of cystitis. Ever since i was really little, my mum reminds me that i suffered from it terribly, and i can remember being in so much pain i was bent over on the floor, unable to walk. For a few years i was pretty clear, but then i went to university and it all came flooding back.

For me, there are three main causes for me to be plagued; Stress, Lack of Sleep & Dehydration. It's different for everyone, but those are the main causes that bring it on. Recently, i've been seriously under the weather, therefore not getting enough sleep and needing more water than usual so what happened to rear it's ugly head? Cystitis. Once it comes, i've gotten pretty good at dealing with it and nipping it in the bud, however when i'm under the whether, continually stressed, or not drinking enough it does tend to linger. So, today i thought i'd share with you a few ways i've learnt to make things that bit more comfortable.

1. Drink plenty of fluids, and that doesn't mean something spiked(!). It's suggested that you drink a pint of water every 20-30 minutes to help flush out your system, but that can be pretty tough. As long as you're drinking plenty, probably more than usual and more than feels natural. Cranberry Juice is also amazing for the urinary tract, and is full of antioxidants. I'd also suggest keeping away from anything too acidic, such as caffeinated fizzy drinks or fruit juices, like orange and apple juice.

2. Cystitis 'sachets' are honestly one of the most important things for me to keep around. You're supposed to take 6 sachets in 48 hours, but usually if things haven't gotten too bad then all it takes is one and it neutralises everything. These are amazing for helping flush everything out, plus it helps you to drink extra. However, i think they taste disgusting.

3. Cranberry Extract is something that you can take on the regular. Honestly, it won't stop it coming but it can help with keeping things as clear as you can, and again it's great for your urinary tract. They don't work for everyone, but it's something else to try.

4. Last, but not least, is heat. For me, it's my trusty heat pad but it could also be a hot water bottle, and my electric blanket also comes in handy. It is different for everyone; some find it comforting to heat the stomach, but some girls prefer to keep the heat between their thighs - TMI - which is where an electric blanket also can come in handy. It really comforts me putting my electric blanket on high, lying in bed and almost heating my entire bottom half.

For everyone, it's different, but these are just a few ways i make myself more comfortable. It may be as simple as a urinary tract infection but, trust me that i know, it can be unbearably painful and throw you completely under the bus.

Keep healthy ladies, and gents!


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