17 October 2015

Alex & Ani

Probably three, or so, years ago when i visited Disney World i came across a jewellery brand that i had never heard of, called Alex & Ani. At the time, i only knew them through Walt Disney World as they were doing a range of Disney inspired 'bangles'. I fell in love with them as especially, at the time, in my younger, less confident self; i was slightly embarrassed of my adoration of Disney, (don't worry, that's all changed now!), and it seemed a nice way to wear a touch of Disney without it being too in-your-face. Anyway, they were - to me - fairly pricey, especially as i was still a student, with no form of income. So, i forgot about them and went on with my life, bangle-less.

Fast-forward to this, past Summer on my latest Disney World trip, i was excited to see that Alex & Ani were still selling their range in the Disney parks and this time it had expanded. This time i was in  my full-time job, and i had saved hard to be able to freely spend on my trip. So, with that in mind i decided to treat myself.

"We create meaningful, eco-conscious jewellery and accessories to empower the light in you. We share a passion for the well-being of our planet, our communities, and our individual paths."

Not only do i love the jewellery, but i also simply love the brand's ethos and everything that has brought Alex & Ani to be. I love all the positivity, the creativity and that everything it so eco-friendly, and 'made with love'. I could go on forever about the background of the brand, but i highly recommend you go and read more.

Anyway so, as i said, i decided to treat myself and buy a little piece of Disney to wear in my day-to-day life and i honestly love it.

Although there was plenty to choose from, i went for the obvious choice - for me. I picked the 'Cinderella Bangle' in the silver finish, which has Cinderella's Castle engraved on the charm with the Walt Disney World logo beneath. I honestly just love it, it really is like having a little piece of Disney with all the time and it means so much to me because i saved up for it, from the money i earned through my first full time job to pay for it.

Aside form the cute charm, i love that this bangles have a very vintage look to them. They not completely silver the whole way around and have a few an almost tarnished finish to them which looks really cute. I also love the stretch fastening, as it makes for a great fit which is something i really struggle with as i seem to have child-sized wrists.

So, when i got home i loved my new purchase so much i needed something to wear it with, as they're made perfectly for stacking, and that's when my little Bee friend came into my life.

I found a great website online, called Fabulous, that stocks Alex & Ani and can ship it to the UK, and that's where my latest addition came from. The Bumblebee Charm Bracelet is the same design as my previous one but this time with a little bumblebee hanging from it. 

"The bumblebee is hardworking and extraordinarily loyal to the Queen Bee and the entire community. A symbol of nature's perfect balance, the bee reminds us to slow down, smell the flowers, and taste the sweet honey of life. Wear the Bumblebee Charm to channel the bees' meticulous energy, work diligently towards a goal, and ultimately appreciate the sweetness of life."

And, honestly, that's why i decided upon this one. I think we all need to remember to 'slow down and smell the roses' in life, i know i do.

They're beautifully made, and very sturdy. I wear mine everyday with no problems and they look great alone or stacked together. I saw a lady on the train last week wearing about 15 at one time. Each bangle also comes with a ''Infused With Positive Energy,'' ''Made in America With Love,'' and ''Recycle,'' charm, which all goes back to the brand's ethos and what they're all about.

I highly recommend checking the brand out, wherever you as these are just a tiny look into their vast collections. They do everything from gold and silver, to rose gold, plus they have a monopoly collection, they have affinities with american sporting clubs and much, much more.


All opinions are my own and all products were bought with my own money.

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