10 October 2015

Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum

I honestly can't believe i haven't spoken about this product sooner, as i've been in love with since last Autumn. Although this is probably the most expensive skincare item i own, it's also one of the only items that i can really notice a difference with if i stop using it. This is one of the first serums i ever bought last Autumn, when my skin was beginning to freak out and i just could not get enough moisture into it, but now it's probably one of my holy grails.

"The first serum composed of camellia micro-droplets is based on an exclusive patented technology derived from Microfluidics. Continuously hydrated for 24 hours and perfectly protected, the skin is infused with moisture. Smooth and replenished, it is glowing with youth. After one month of daily use, the cutaneous hydration level increases until 33%.* The epidermis is deeply impregnated. After only 4 applications, the stratum corneum is plumped. The skin significantly recovers bounce: +32% plumping effect."

This is a product that when you're using it, you do think to yourself 'What is it actually doing?', 'Is it really worth spending all this money?' but if you take it out of your routine, you see exactly what it was doing for you. It gives me so much hydration without being heavy or oily, as it feels so light on the skin. It massages in easily and absorbs quickly. I use this mainly at night, but sometimes under my make up, and in the morning it makes my skin look really hydrated and plump. It makes my skin feel renewed and awake, ready to put my make up on the next day. I feel like it makes a great canvas even the night before. Now, it is pricey and i'm not sure if you can get samples of this but i really recommend you get down to your nearest Chanel counter and at least test it on the back of your hand. It's supposed to give you 24hr hydration, and i'm not quite sure about that claim but it definitely makes a huge difference to my skin.


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