16 September 2015

Hakuna Matata!

Hakuna Matata

1. A Swahili phrase translated to: "No Problems".
2. A meaning akin to: "Don't worry, be happy".

I've been writing so many blog posts lately, and i've written so many in advance and scheduled them, that i'm not sure what i've said and when. However, i'm pretty sure i've mentioned somewhere that although i love doing reviews, and find them helpful myself, i really want to get back into Legs Eleven being a little more lifestyle too. So, i thought i'd do a bit of a chatty one today and share with you what's been going on.

As i said, i want to get things back to my roots. Legs Eleven started as a very lifestyle blog as i didn't have the resources to be trying lots of new products, etc so honestly, you can really see how i've grown as a person and how my styles have changed, just by reading the blog. I always liked make-up but when i first started this, i felt it was more of a necessity than a passion. I'm not one of those beauty enthusiasts that can say they've been playing with pretend make up since i was, like, five but in the past five years my love for all things beauty has just continued to grow. I am fascinated by the beauty industry, everything make-up and skincare and i love emerging myself in beauty blogs. People often suggest that perhaps the beauty industry is the way forward for me, but i'm not so sure. I just love being a consumer, seeing trends appear and sharing things with the world wide web.

That's honestly what i love so much about blogging and the internet. Yes, there are plenty of horrible corners but blogging is such a special thing. Everyone in the world could have a blog, and yet every blog would be completely different, because that's how we are as humans. I love that we can all write about whatever we want and, usually, there will be someone who will enjoy reading it or get something from it. I do go through struggles with blogging, as i'm sure most people do. I've taken breaks and changed the topics that i write about multiple times, and there's nothing wrong with having a little writer's block or loss of inspiration, it's really natural when you share so much and put so much effort into something. I've actually got a post coming up next week about my struggles with blogging, and that is a very chatty one so make sure to come back next week for that one.

As i'm writing this, i'm about two days away from going on holiday - but when you're reading this i'll have been home for about two weeks. I'm just not sure what time i'm going to have, or if i'm going to feel like blogging straight when i get home so i've planned pretty much all my posts for September and scheduled them. Anyway, i am so flipping excited for a holiday, don't get me wrong i really do enjoy my job but it's about time i have a well earned break. For those of you who don't know, i work in a John Lewis department store in the womenswear department. I'm usually doing anything from tills to fitting rooms, to customer service and supervising the running of the floor. I really do enjoy it, as i said, but it is hard work. Especially during times of the sales and when we're limited on staffing. There's a lot of things i also love about John Lewis as a business and as i've been with them for over a year now, i'm now starting to think about what i want to do slightly more long term. I'm not sure whether to stay where i am or to look for something new, as although i love it, i really don't get paid enough. Everyone in the business knows that their shop floor partners don't get paid enough, and even our head of branch has agreed with that statement in the past few months as we're looking towards our three year plan, as a business.

It looks as though things may be changing, though, but i'm not sure how long it will take or even if it'll be enough to keep me in the business. I'm twenty-three and within the next five years, hopefully sooner rather than later, i want to buy my own house. Now, let me tell you, that does not come cheap so i need to decide if i want to stick around and see what happens or if it's time to move on to something new. I think when i get back from my holiday i will start looking at other jobs that are available, but maybe not move straight away. It'll be really hard to move because not only does the job come with great benefits but the people that i work with are truly amazing. I have met some life long friends at this job, and i feel lucky to know them.

I tell you what though, i am seriously enjoying Youtube at the moment. Don't get me wrong, i've always loved it, but i'm literally obsessed right now. Actually i'm really into everything social media too, maybe that's something i'd like to go into, in the future? Anyway, i'm really enjoying watching vlogs and what's funny is i really like watching family vloggers; at the moment i'm loving itsjudyslife, Marie bitsandclips and dailybumps but another category i love on Youtube is Disney Vloggers. About five years ago people started uploading their Disney holidays on Youtube and i used to love watching them before i went on my own trips to Disney but now, five years later, there's a whole community on Youtube for Disney Vloggers. My current favourites are SeeYaReelSoon, HAKZ Videos, Juliane June and Keith Lapinig. I love when people come together to share a communal passion, like i said earlier it's amazing that people can all share something they love online and there are so many other people who love to share in it too. I obviously love all the big vloggers too like Zoella and SprinkleofGlitter, i think it's lovely that they feel they can share more of the life as their 'main channel' videos are usually more structured.

While i was at university Youtube became my escape; i'm not sure i've really ever talked about my university experience but for my final two years i didn't really have any close friends to spend time with so Youtube became my escape. Luckily now, i have both. I love spending time with my friends from work, and we love going out for dinner. A massive benefit of working for John Lewis is we get discount off lots of places to eat so it's nice to go out after work with them and have a natter. We usually try not to talk about work, but it always ends up there!

Really, though, life right now is pretty good. I'm sad because a lot of my work friends are going to university in September so are either leaving or going part time, so i won't see them as much but i know that we'll still remain friends and i've already got plans to go and visit them. Previously i've learnt to spend a lot of time on my own, as i'm an only child and going through university, but i actually really don't mind my own company. It's nice, now, that i've got a good balance between everything.

However, as i explained earlier i am looking to buy a house but saving is taking a long time. Housing around where i live is very expensive, and this is where i'm looking to move. I live in a town about twenty minutes outside of Cambridge and it's fairly pricey, but the closer you get to Cambridge the more expensive housing becomes. Ideally, i'd like to be somewhere between work and where i currently live because i have great access to so many other amenities. Cambridge is great for shopping, i'm close to the A14 which can get me almost anywhere and i'm close the rail stations to get me into London. But all of this is what makes the housing pricey. I'm really only looking for a one, two would be nice, bedroom house with space for off road parking - or at least some space for me to consistently park. I'm not super fussed about having a garden, or dining room and i could live with having a kitchen/living room if i have to. It's just the prices! I've found nothing, really, below £130,000 to £150,000 which is crazy. Don't get me wrong, i'm lucky in where i live now. I get on with my parents, i don't have to pay rent as they want me to save as much as i can and i have a good sized room, it's just more about having my own space. I spent three years living by myself, so coming home and having to get used to living with my parents again took some getting used to but really i'd just like to take the next step.

Well, i have read back none of this so i'm very sorry if it's a bit all over the place but i really enjoyed sharing with you! Let me know of anything you've got going on at the moment, i'd love to hear.


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