12 September 2015

Five Current Favourite Shoes

I've been wearing a few new pairs of shoes lately, so i thought it might be nice to share with you some of my favourites.

M&S Caged Toe Sandals in Orange & Gold | I last shared these shoes over a year ago, on the blog, and as i said in that post i also have these in black which are an absolute staple for my Summer wardrobe. What i love about the shoe in general is that they are so, so comfortable. They're perfect for my skinny feet as they have an ankle strap and they're just so pretty too. I love wearing them with jeans to jazz up an outfit but they're also a lovely alternative to heels. They're a lovely pop of colour for my Summer wardrobe.

New Look Black Cross Strap Sandals | These ones are new this year; i bought them right at the beginning of the Summer and, at the time, i really ummed and ahhed about buying them as it was right before payday. However, i'm really glad i did as they are unbelievably comfortable and real leather too. I couldn't believe they were real leather seeing as they were so reasonably priced. They go with everything and, again, they have a trusty ankle strap!

Office Kamper Flat Weave Shoes (White Version Here) | These are a more recent purchase, i bought these about a month ago and wasn't sure whether to keep them as i'm really unsure of pointed shoes. I eventually decided to keep them because they're unlike anything else i own, and they're real leather and very comfortable - once you get used to the slightly squished toes. I love the grey colour, as most of my shoes are black so they're something different for the Summertime and actually they'll be great in Winter too.

Topshop Black T-Bar Shoes | Another new addition to my collection this Summer, this time from Topshop. I used to buy shoes from Toppers all the time but haven't found anything i like for a couple of years. I love the t-bar style of these, great for my skinny feet, but i did get a few blisters from these along the toes. Again, they're real leather and pretty comfortable, for the most part. I love that they'll look great in the Winter, with tights, as well as bare foot during the Summer.

Black Converse All Star Low Tops | I practically live in these bad boys, they go with everything and i love how they can dress down a dress. I'm not a super girly dresser and it's sometimes nice to wear a girly dress and pair it with these. They are the ultimate in comfort, i can walk miles in them and actually i do when i'm in Florida as i wear blue ones. Everyone needs a good pair of Converse in their life, i think.

Anything pairs that you're loving at the moment?


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