19 September 2015

30 Before 30

So, recently i saw a lovely 30 before 30 list on someones blog - now i cannot remember, for the life of me, who's blog it was- and i thought that would be a nice thing to do. Once upon a time i kind of believed that you could only make new resolutions and goals at the beginning of the year, but over the last couple of years i've come to love setting myself goals all year through. So i thought, why not? I turned 23 this year and actually in 2012, when i turned 20, i actually did a 25 before 25 list. So i thought it'd be interesting to revisit that, see how things have changed and then create a new, more up-to-date list.

So, for starters lets run down my original list and see what i've achieved and how things have changed; sit back because this is going to be a lengthy one.

1. Graduate from University with a grade i'm proud of.
- So this one, i'm proud to say, that i did achieve. I graduated my degree, from Southampton Solent University, with a 2:1, in BA(Hons) Writing, Fashion & Culture. I was very proud of this because many people may not now that as i was finishing my second year and going into my third, i began to really struggle at university and it took all i had to finish with a 2:1 and that i will always be truly proud of.

2. Secure a job, somewhere i want to be.
- This is something that i find tricky because i love my current job now, and although it's not where i see my career going i've secured a job and it's somewhere i want to be. So, i technically have achieved this one but it's not where i want to be forever and that's what i think i was going for when i set this one.

3. Continue Legs Eleven to her full potential.
- Yes, i've taken breaks and yes, things have changed but i am so proud that i am still posting, posting about what i want and, for the most part, still loving it.

4. Find products that help me to take better care of my skin, and begin to take better care.
- Oh goodness, i have certainly done this. My skin is looking better now then it has done in years and that is all down to skincare research, talking to the right people and blogs.

5. Comment on the blogs posts i read.
- I am still so, so bad at this. It's something that i really do need to make time to do because i read blogs religiously so it's only right that i comment and take the time to interact.

6. Find my Scent.
- My scent is Daisy by Marc Jacobs, i love it. However, i've also come to love other fragrances too, such as Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue, that i wear on a weekly basis switching between scents, it's been lovely to dabble with perfumes but Daisy will always be my go-to.

7. Leave the country, without my parents, other than a University trip.
- This is still yet to happen, mainly because when you're young, i don't think you tend to realise what your priorities will be as you grow up. For me, i still live at home, i have a great relationship with my parents and my main goal right now is to save to buy a house. If my parents are lovely enough to take me on holiday, then i will sure as heck not decline and most of my money goes on saving for my future home right now. Hopefully, though, within the near future i'll be heading on a little girly weekend trip.

8. See one of my favourite artists live.
- I am still yet to do this, there are just always other things to spend money on!

9. Become engaged.
- Wow, how things change. This is something that will happen when it happens. No rush.

10. To be decorating my own home.
- I've already touched on this but i'm, still, currently living at home, hoping, waiting and saving for my own little space. Damn, houses are expensive!

11. To own a MAC lipstick.
- Once upon a time spending £15 on a lipstick sounded ludicrous. Now, i own way too many and you can read about them all in my MAC Lipstick Collection Post.

12. Continue to find myself, alone and as part of a couple.
- This, i feel, is something that you are always working on. Currently i feel the most at peace with myself i have ever done, but there's always plenty of space to grow.

13. Keep in contact with the girls that are helping to shape my University years, amazingly too.
- Sadly, things change and people grow differently.

14. Know the tubes like a real Londoner.
- I just don't spend enough time there, to do this. However, i am much more savvy on the tubes than i once was.

15. Get published in a publication i currently read religiously.
- I have been published in my local Style magazine, which i was insanely proud of, and i have helped fulfil photoshoots and stories in a couple of editions of Good Housekeeping magazine. That i am proud of, and now i'm not so sure if the main aim is to be published. Dreams change.

16. Hear Take That Sing "Never Forget" live.
- This i still want so, so bad. Recently my manager went to see them at Wembley and sent me a video of this. Does that count?! Plus, is it just me or is Take That getting smaller and smaller!?

17. Begin to see the world, out there.
- There is still time for this. Some people have the yearning to go travelling when they're young and spend months and months at a time going all across the globe. For me, my goals are to get a house and a job that will look after me comfortably, and then travel around when i have the money and time to do so.

18. Continue to grow my hair.
- I'm still doing this, although my hair seems to get to a certain length and just stop, it is still growing.

19. Meet Alice Bailey.
- Not, as of yet!

20. Spend time in London when i'm not working or rushing and can enjoy our Capital city.
- I do get to travel to London whenever i want, now. I've been plenty of times to mooch and shop and see what i want to see.

21. Become an Iphone user.
- Been there, done that.

22. I'd like a puppy.
- This is way off in my future. Puppies take time, and money, and dedication which, right now, i don't have enough of any of them.

23. Buy fresh flowers more often.
- This i actually do all the time now. It's just so lovely and they brighten up any space.

24. Let go.
- This is such a weird one, but as i've said i'm comfortable with myself and i'm learning, and growing, every day.

25. Know where i'm going, and as who.
- Does anyone ever know this? When i wrote this i was embarking on a new chapter at university and you're supposed to know what you want to do, when and where, and have your ten year plan. Life doesn't always work like that and i'm happy living life day by day.

So, that's where i saw myself four years ago, but what about my 30 before 30 list? I actually think this is really hard because, as you can see, things change so drastically but i think it is always nice to have goals. I fell like now i can find it easier to make realistic challenges as i understand life and myself better, too.

1. Buy My First Home.
The ultimate goal for any 20-something, living at home, i'm sure.

2. Travel the World.
Similar to how i explained before, once i'm settled i'd like to holiday all over the globe.

3. Go to the Cinema on my Own.
This is a recent goal, as there are so many films i miss seeing because it's difficult to get your friends together to see something so why not go by myself?

4. Pamper Myself.
I only ever really get my legs waxed, or get a massage, or a facial when it's my birthday or i'm going on holiday and i think i need to do something about that.

5. Join some Workout Classes.
I'm not hugely overweight or super lazy but i'd really like to work on my fitness.

6. Go on a Girls' Trip.
This is something i've always wanted to do, and now i have the money (kind of) to do so, a weekend trip away with my lovely friends sounds amazing. Disneyland Paris is already on the cards!

7. Read 25 Books.
That averages at about three books a year. Considering currently i'm reading a grand total of zero, i think three in 12 months sounds do-able.

8. Have Afternoon Tea.
It's just something i've always wanted to do, and there are so many fun ones now. The Mad Hatter's Tea Party at the Dorchester in London is at the top of my list or perhaps Afternoon Tea at the Garden View Tea Room, in the Grand Floridian at Disney World?!

9. Visit Disney World with Someone other than my Parents.
Something else i've always wanted to do; although this one is a little far fetched as it's very pricey, i really want to share my favourite place, in the world, with someone.

10. Spend a 4th of July in America.
Because why not?!

11. Join an Evening Class.
Something else i've been meaning to get around to but just never seem to find the time. There's so many things i'd like to try; HTML, cooking, jewellery, Photoshop.

12. Be Part of a Colour Run.
I've seen people from work do it and plenty of people on Youtube, it just looks like so much fun. Plus, i'd like to be in a fitness place where i could at least lightly jog and walk it.

13. Attend a Youtube Convention.
This is on my forever dream list; whether it's Vidcon, Playlist Live, or something closer to home.

14. Keep a Year Long Memory Jar, and Stick to It.
I always see bloggers do these and i think it's a lovely idea to look back at the end of the year.

15. Grow a Successful Kitchen Garden.
Currently, i'm just not getting it right. Some plants grow bigger and overshadow the smaller ones, plus i'd like to grow a few veg too.

16. Become an Organ Donor.
I don't really know why i'm not already, but after a recent loss in my local area i think it's about time.

17. Dye my hair back to Purple.
I just miss it so much!

18. Stop Drinking Fizzy Drinks.
Fizzy drinks are my weakness, and i know i don't need them but they're something i enjoy - however much i know they're bad for me.

19. Try New Restaurants.
I always go to the same places and it's about time i branch out.

20. Wear More Lipstick.
I have so many beautiful colours, but i just always wimp out!

21. Finish My Evening with Sit Ups.
I've always wanted to do this, i just get too lazy before bed.

22. Find my Faith.
Whether it's a way i want to live my life or not, i'm not sure, but i'd like to look into it further.

23. Visit a Spa.
Who doesn't?

24. Learn to take the Perfect Picture.
Another class i'd maybe like to join; at one point in my life i wanted to go to university for photography, so i think an evening class would be nice.

25. Perfect a Signature Dish.
I don't hate cooking, i just don't do it enough. Plus, it's nice to have something to fall back on.

26. Visit Five New Places in the UK.
Because we're all pretty quick to jump ship but there are plenty of beautiful place on your back step.

27. Buy some Expensive Sunglasses.
I've always bought cheap sunglasses, but this time i'd like to treat myself. For some people it's shoes or bags, for me it's also sunglasses.

28. Buy Something from Selfridges that costs more than £20.
I'd like to save enough to treat myself to something lovely.

29. Step Away from the Laptop.
Maybe once a week, maybe once a month, but i'd really like to take the time to do something other than look at a laptop screen.

30. Make Better Food Choices.
Last but not least, it's something i know i need to do and something i'm working on but also something i'd like to take more seriously.

There you have, my new 30 before 30 list. Do you have one, if so please do link it in the comments as i'd love to give it a read!


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