1 July 2015

All About The Base: Seventeen Stay Time

For such a long time i used the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer all over my face as, basically, a foundation and i actually kinda loved it. The coverage was nice, the colour was slightly off but nothing a little blending wouldn't fix and it stayed on pretty well. However, it gets pretty expensive using concealer all over the face and i just wanted to try something new. Seventeen is one of those brands that, i think, used to be considered as one of the cheaper brands that could be bought in the drugstore but since it's rebranding - from 17 to Seventeen - it seems to have upped itself in the drugstore stakes and is really holding it's own. It's packaging isn't amazing but it does boast some really lovely products.

So, when i saw that Seventeen had a matching Stay Time Foundation to my beloved concealer i thought it to be a match made in heaven. My first issue, however, was colour matching. The Seventeen Stay Time Foundation comes in a limited six shades, and they don't go particularly dark so if you're a dark skinned beauty this probably isn't for you. They're also pretty tricky to match because of the undertones, most of them were either very pink or very yellow so for girls like me, with neutral undertones, it's quite difficult to decide which way to go. I was deciding between Porcelain, which is marketed as the lightest shade, and Soft Ivory, the second lightest, the shade i went for. Porcelain was very pink toned and Soft Ivory fairly yellow, but when swatched Porcelain just looked like it was completely different to my natural skin tone so i turned to Soft Ivory. As you'll see in the images below, i'm not quite sure if it's the right shade for me. However, the next shade down, Natural, was super dark so perhaps that just makes this foundation not up my street.

Below is my bare skin shot, and in this before and after you can really see a difference which i'm not sure is what i'm after.

As you can see it really lightens my skin colour, first and fore most, which makes me see that this isn't the right shade for me but as i said before, the next shade down was far too dark. Although it does even things out, i just found that it didn't really do anything for concealing blemishes. In fact, i felt like it made them more prominent. This is just one, even layer all over the face but i think if i went in with a little more over the places i needed a bit of extra help it would become cake and unnatural. As marketed, this is a full cover foundation and i would expect a full coverage to really conceal everything that i needed to hide before i even went in without concealer.

The main thing i really didn't like about this foundation was it's texture, it was just so thick and heavy. Now, i know it's full cover and that's not really my thing but it was so hard to blend all over the face. I also think, and it can be noticed in the images, that it's slightly drying - even for an oily girl like me. It's hard to explain, but it felt patchy and not liquidy enough to cover everywhere so you need more product to get an even base which, in turn, creates a little bit of cakey-ness to the look. As you can tell, this wasn't my favourite foundation.

Although i didn't test it for this amount of time, it's advertised to last for 25 hours. Now, i really hate these sort of claims because lets be honest, who wears their make up for 25 hours?! However, i could see this lasting a good amount of time because it really grips to the skin. Once applied it adheres to the skin and kind of sets, which i found uncomfortable but i'm not used to wearing full coverage foundations.

Overall, i found this settled into my lines, clinged to dry patches and basically did nothing for me.

You get 30ml for £6.49 from Boots and it comes in a plastic bottle with a pump.


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