4 July 2015

YSL Lipstick Collection

I'm pretty sure i've done posts on these separately but that was a while ago, and i've upped my blogging game since then, so this post has lip swatches and all. Although they're not my go to lipsticks, i adore these three. They're probably the most beautiful that i own, and definitely the most special. I got two of them nearly two years ago now, and the third just one.

Since now i'm really enjoying high end makeup, i thought it only fitting to revisit probably my first high end purchases, and still to this day my favourite.

This was probably my first really bright lip colour, and actually probably what kick started my love of lipstick. YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in 19 Fuchsia in Rage, i would say, is more of a purple than a fuchsia pink. I see it as a purple with pink undertones, and i just love it. It can be worn as one swipe or built up to be really opaque, but either way i love it. It's so juicy, easy to wear and so comfortable. I honestly love how glossy it is, but this does mean that it doesn't stay on forever. It never really looses it's gloss, but it does kind of set and leave behind somewhat of a stain.

This Rouge Volupte Shine is in 17 Rose in Tension, and is such an easy shade to wear. Similarly to Fuchsia in Rage, it's beautifully glossy but this time in a beautiful classic, deep pink. It leans on the side of red, with pink undertones and i'd probably describe it as a Raspberry. The Rouge Volupte Shine formula is all about comfortable wear, with luminous shine. They contain hyluronic acid to seal in hydration for up to eight hours and are supposed to soften lips too. They really are so comfortable to wear, and i love how they make my lips look and feel.

This is a Rouge Volupte, a creamier formula than the Volupte Shines and it's in 9 Rose Caresse. They're more pigmented than the Volupte Shines, and they're a silkier application. They're not quite as glossy but keep their shine, smooth out lips, plumping, and leave a satin finish. I really do love this colour too, it's what i would wear as a nude. I'd call it a dusky pink colour, and i feel like it's quite an elegant shade. It's something i can wear year round and really get my use out of.

I feel like three of these is perfect for me, i have a shade for every eventuality and as i much as i love this beautiful packaging, i think i have my YSL fix.


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