29 April 2015

My Dry Lip Fighting Duo

Ever since starting work at John Lewis, last June, i've had a real problem with my lips. They're just constantly dry, or sore, or red, or all three and usually they only get a break on my days off. It's probably thanks to all the air conditioning at work, the weather outside, the heating in my car and at home. So, for the first time in probably five years my trusty Burt's Bees lipbalm just wasn't cutting it anymore. So, i moved on to using the Nuxe Rev de Miel lipbalm during the day at work, which is really effective and helps in keeping my lips in better condition but overnight i just feel like i needed something extra hydrating.

After looking up some recommendations online for the best lipbalms, and a long browse in my local Boots on a work lunch break i came across this lovely, little duo. Now, overnight, i use a combination of Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid with Organic Lemon Oil and Blistex MedPlus Repairing Lip Balm. They both do something different for my lips, but both overall improve the feel and look.

The Lanolips Lemonaid keeps my lips so ultra soft, thanks to it containing over 70% ultra medical grade lanolin. It's a hydrating ointment and contains a hint of shimmer for "healthy sheen". The citric acid in the organic lemon oil is a natural exfoliator and gets rid of all the dead skin cells, and when applied tingles to signify it's working. In the morning, it feels like it's really sunk into my lips and they just feels so refreshed and it gets rid of the horrible dry patches.

I'd heard of Blistex MedPlus before but just never really believed it was any good, but i was getting desperate for things to try so gave it a go. I have to say that i don't love that it's in a pot, as i'm much more of a stick lipbalm kind of gal but i really do love the product. It's really tingly and contains menthol to soothe and cool, as well as jojoba oil and cocoa butter to condition. It's also SPF15 too which is great for everyday use. I'd say that not only does this soften but unlike the other one, it is more restore, repairing and does target my problem areas.

Between these two, my lips have been in much better condition; much softer and looking healthier.


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