2 May 2015

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eyeshadow Review

Since beginning work at John Lewis, it has opened my eyes and allowed me to shop far more beauty brands than i've ever had the opportunity to do so before. Chanel, to me, is such a luxurious brand and for almost my entire life i've dreamed of owning a Chanel Flap Bag but unless i can save myself £3, 000 it ain't gonna happen. So this is about as close as i'm gonna get to the Chanel brand. It's £40 for a quad, so they're really pricey but i'm lucky that i get myself some discount for working at John Lewis. On the left you've got yourself the Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eyeshadow in 37 Variation and on the left is the Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow in 214 Tisse Mademoiselle. Although they have different full titles, one is Multi-Effect, there's really not all that much difference. Although, Variation is a little more glittery than Tisse Mademoiselle but really they're both buttery, amazing to blend and worth every penny.

Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Botom Right

Variation is what i went for first, as i've really been getting into my eye looks i wanted something different that i didn't really have anything like and i fell in love with these purple shades. As i said before, this palette is slightly more glittery than the other and a couple of the shades - mainly the top right and bottom left - actually have chunks of glitter in, so you might want to be slightly more careful than applying. However, i've never got it in my eyes but can see it sitting on my eyelashes when i blink. 

The top left shade is the perfect highlight for this palette, i like to use it in the inner corner as it's a little much for the brow bone for my liking but it does match perfectly with the undertones of the palette. It's buttery and blendable, and a really light, bright pink toned shimmery shade. Next door you have a glittery gold, which if you wash on the lid can actually just be a bit of litter acting as a sort of glitter top coat to whatever you already have on the lids. However, if you pack it on it creates this intense, gold, glitter foil look all over the lid which is amazing for going out but, as i said, watch out for the chunks. Bottom left looks like quite a light purple shade but when you apply it actually comes out fairly dark. I have used it all over the lid, but it's actually a bit much for day-to-day (but i do when i'm feeling daring!). This also has a few chunks throughout, and this is when i see it shimmering on my eyelashes. Bottom right is my crease colour, which i use in conjunction with the previous shade or just a touch in the bottom, outer crease when i use the top left all over, bottom left in the crease and bottom right just to add definition.

Overall, each shade has something different to offer and work beautifully together as well as working well into the rest of my collection.

Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right

Now this little beauty has turned into one of my favourite palettes that i own, it's even overtaken my naked palettes. If i don't know what else to wear, i go for Tisse Mademoiselle. This palette, unlike the other, doesn't contain any glitter, it's purely smooth and shimmery, easy to blend and makes your eyes look really made up with not all that much effort.

The top left shade is a really nice in-between colour, i sometimes use it all over the lid but it's more often used in the outer corner and the crease if i want a little definition but nothing too smokey. It's a lovely, wearable shade and i see it as a slightly darker champagne. Top right is a very light gold shade, suitable all over the light for a little something, a little shimmer, wash of colour. It's shimmery without being too much, but still remains buttery soft. Bottom left is my favourite of the bunch; to me it's the perfect champagne. I love this all over the lid, on it's own or with a defined crease. It's the perfect amour of shimmer, almost a satin finish. It's also something i lean towards to work with shades outside the palette, i blend it with eyeshadows such as MAC, Urban Decay and Charlotte Tilbury. Last but not least, bottom right. It's the perfect crease colour, working perfectly with the rest of the palette and it blends beautifully with the last colour. This entire palette is like butter, and i cannot recommend it enough. It's something that can take you from day to night, so if you're looking to buy any Chanel palette then i'd highly recommend you go for this one.

I was wary to purchase Chanel before now because of it's sky-high prices, but now that i've bought once (and twice!), i would definitely buy again.


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  1. Oh my goodness these look so pretty! You just can't beat the look of Chanel, its so classy and grown up :) I had a chanel lipstick for my birthday a couple of years ago and that was absolutely beautiful! I'd love to try some more high end make-up but I just can't afford it :(
    Love Holly x



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