25 April 2015

What's on my Face? March 2015

Back again with another currents post; i feel like i've been away so long that i need to fill you all in on what i'm using/loving now, as things have changed a lot in eight months. So, this week i'm bringing you what's on my face or my current everyday make up routine.

Here you are, everything i wear on my face day to day. I'm sure it doesn't look like a lot compared to some people or perhaps you think it's a lot but this is what i've whittled it down to, to keep my routine simple for work days but enough that i feel comfortable. However, there are some components i'm looking to change, so i'd love to hear any suggestions you have too.

Starting with my under eyes, and trying to combat my dark circles. You'll soon see that i really love a good concealer, and currently this is what i start out with to keep my circles at bay. First i apply the Clarins Concealer Stick in 02 under my eyes, into the corner of my eye and bring it up onto my eyelid. It's not the creamiest of concealers, and originally i bought this to be an all-over-the-face concealer but it's actually almost exclusively for my eyes. I do sometimes dab it over blemishes, but generally i just keep it up top. As i said, it's not super creamy but it does have good coverage and stays in place all day. It has a kind of cream-to-powder consistency, and blends in pretty well too. The Bobbi Brown Corrector is what i use to really tone out the dark circles. I got colour matched, and they matched me to Light to Medium Bisque which has a pinky undertone to camouflage the circles which i later cover with concealer so you don't see the discolouration all day. Now this is very creamy, and i have seen some people say that they have some difficulty with creasing which i do have a little but i love the product so much i'll forgive a little creasing and can smooth out during the day. It really does what it says on the tin, and this is one of the best additions to my make up routine in the last eight months. I'm now on my second pot, so it does last a good amount of time.

This is what i currently use as my base, all over the face and have been for a very long time. This hasn't changed for such a long time, and this what i'm actually looking for a replacement for. The 17 Stay Time Full Cover Flawless Finish Concealer not only has a mouthful for a name, but it last such a long time with only minimal wear at the end of the day. My main issue is that where i have either dark acne scars or active acne, they seem to make an appearance by the end of my working day. But otherwise i love the creamy consistency, which seems to set a little but not too matte, leaving my skin still with some glow. However, i would like to purchase an actual foundation to take it's place, and i'm going between four at the moment. I'm decided whether i want to go for the Urban Decay Naked Skin, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, Clarins Everlasting or a Laura Mercier either foundation or tinted moisturiser. I have samples of a couple of them, but i'd need to get colour matched. If you have any experience with any of them, i'd love to hear.

As for eyes, as you know this is my current eye primer of choice that i've spoken about previously so i won't bore you, but it seriously keeps my eyeshadow creaseless and lasting all day long. Atop of this my current go to is the Chanel Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow in Tisse Madmoiselle. It is the perfect neutral eyeshadow quad and they are such a beautiful quality too, but i would expect so at £40 for a quad. Luckily i get partner discount, but i'm not sure i would splurge that much if i didn't. The shadows are so buttery, with some having a little shimmer/glitter in them but still they're so soft and easy to apply. They blend so beautifully with little to no effort, and with only four eyeshadows you can do so many looks. I will be doing a more in-depth review of my Chanel palettes so i'll leave it at that but it's safe to say that i love it.

Without sounding disgustingly big-headed, i do often get complimented on my eyelashes. I don't actually have very curly or, i would say, particularly long lashes but people seem to think i do. I have to say i have to put that down to my mascara routine. I start out by curling my eyelashes, and this is a step i can never miss out. I don't know how people don't do this step, it makes such a huge difference to me. I use whichever curlers i can get my hands on but my favourite at the moment are the No7 Eyelash Curlers. So, my secret is the double mascara technique. I start off with the Soap & Glory Thick and Fast Mascara which separates my lashes, curls and lengthens. When i've used this i end up with simple, separated lashes and it gives a great base to add my next step. On top i layer the Collection Extreme Coloured Length Mascara in Black which continues to add length but also adds so much volume and makes my lashes ultra black. It's such a cheap mascara but is the finishing touch for me, to help my eyelashes look full and black.

Last but not least, i use my Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer. I bought this to replace my beloved Make Up Forever Full Coverage Concealer that i bought from America. It's the perfect all over concealer, i can use it under my eyes as a final touch as it sets all day and it's really full coverage, and it's also great for applying over blemishes. It's so creamy, blends in perfectly and stays all day. It's got great coverage, i assume similar to the foundation which i'm yet to try but it's perfect for what i want it for and lasts forever.

So, there you have it; my current make up routine. Everything i wear everyday, but i'd love to hear your suggestions for foundations i should try as that's something i'd love to improve.


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