9 May 2014

Turquoise & Purple Mermaid Hair

I just recently had my hair re-done and i thought i'd share with you more officially what i'm having done at the moment, as i'm loving the colouring at the moment and there's a chance i may have to get it changed when i get a job! So, i thought not only for you but for me too, i would document one of my most favourite hair colours yet.

Although you can't see in the images above, my hair is actually four colours at the moment - that sounds mental - but i promise you it works. The top layer is actually, now, my own hair colour. I was originally dyeing it a light brown colour, but we decided that it was so similar to my natural hair colour now that i'd just leave it and let it grow out. I love that because while i've been at university, i haven't particularly had to worry about roots. Underneath that i have my classic blonde hair, and i think through all the colours i've been i truly think of myself as a blonde - but that bright red was pretty fun too!

And right at the bottom, underneath everything, is what i like to call my mermaid hair. I have a beautiful turquoise and more recently some purple dyed in the bottom layers of my hair. I just think it's so fun, and i often say that i never feel quite myself without a crazy, bright colour in my hair. The turquoise and the purple blend so beautifully together, and all four shades work so well as a team. As you can see, the turquoise peaks through the blonde further up and then at the bottom it's all on show.

I get all of this done by my wonderfully talented friend Steven Burry at the salon he co-owns with his partner Harry Williamson. It's called Halo and can be found in Sawston, just outside of Cambridge. It's a small, beautiful salon full of warm and friendly people willing to cater whatever you fancy, crazy or otherwise. I've had hairdressers before that wouldn't do anything like this to my hair but Steven went for it, and i'm so glad that he's been dyeing and tending to my tresses for so many years.

You can find out more about Halo's stylists, prices and offers at there website or you can call them on 01223 837792 to make an appointment.


Disclaimer: I was not paid or asked to write this post and all opinions are completely my own.

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