12 May 2014

Twenty Second Birthday Treats

I turned twenty-two over a month ago now but it still seems like it was my birthday just yesterday. It wasn't a big birthday, especially as it was a weekday and none of my friends were at home from university or working yet, so it was just a quiet one with my family - which is perfectly fine with me! I really struggled with things that i wanted for my birthday as i feel like Christmas wasn't that long ago and there just wasn't anything that i needed! That is, of course, except a laptop seeing as my current Macbook Pro is seriously slowing down and it takes at least twenty minutes to actually decide it wants to work. So, they very generously put some money towards me buying my new mac, so that was my main present this year. However, my mum always like us to have things to open so she compiled a lovely collection of things to open on the day.

Last Summer, i painted my bedroom a bright lemon yellow colour and although you may not think it, it is actually very difficult to come across bedding with yellow in it. So, when i found this really cool graphic printed duvet set in Wilkinsons, i told mum about it. Wilkinson's bedding is amazing, the prices are so reasonable and they're a lovely quality. They have so many different patterns you don't often see elsewhere, like this one, and they actually have a black and white chevron print one that i have my eye on.

Rose and Violet Creams are my all-time favourite chocolate. They're seriously hard to come by, and my lovely mum found these and bought them for me. They're very fancy, and probably expensive looking at the brand, so i'm savouring them one by one!

Mum has a nack of finding cute necklaces online and buying them for Christmas and birthdays. She bought me a couple of new ones this year, and this one was my favourite.

As i'm about to finish university, i'm beginning to think about moving out and looking for houses. However, it's not going to be for at least a year - if not two - before i can afford to move out of my parents house. So i've been slowly buying bits and bobs for when the time comes, a bottom draw i think they call it (mine, however, is a top of a wardrobe but it has the same purpose). I've been umming and ahhing about which mugs i'd like for my new home, but Cath Kidston is one of my favourite homeward brands so it was a no-brainer really. Mum picked me six beautiful mugs, in a range of patterns including spots, floral, trains, mushrooms and hearts. They're the perfect size and i love the rounded shape.

I've been wanting a heatpad for a while as they're just so handy. I tend to get a lot of shoulder pain, probably due to lugging around library books and uni stuff and these are perfect for easing the muscles, not to mention stomach pains or muscle cramps.

Over Christmas, me and my parents tried to play the Trivial Pursuit that my parents have had for years but the questions were so old that we couldn't even play a full round, so going along the bottom draw idea i thought it'd be nice to have a board game on hand and it'll be nice to have around while i'm still at home too.

Again, sometime for my bottom draw. This brand is my favourite for knives, and they're actually quite expensive but when me and mum found this set on sale we thought it'd be nice as a birthday present. I love the bright colours, and i currently have a purple one that has lasted me all through university and is still going strong so i'm looking forward to adding these to my kitchenware.

Me and mum have this running joke - although it's really not a joke - that there's never anything good to watch on the TV when you're just trying to relax. So, she likes to buy me DVDs that she thinks i'd like, previously she's bought me Mr Selfridge series one and Call the Midwife series one, two and Christmas special on box set (as seen above, to the left). For my birthday, she set me up with Call the Midwife series two (shown to the right), Jonathan Creek series one and two, Frozen on DVD and Mr Selfridge series two. I'm good to go!

I think you know you're getting old when you ask for mugs, knives and a heatpad for your birthday! I'm so happy and grateful for everything i got from my parents, and i appreciate them so much.


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  1. Ooh I love the bedding, such a fun design! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com


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