7 April 2014

Wednesday Wishes: ASOS Tall Edition

If you hadn't heard, one of my favourite online stores has finally produced a Tall collection. As you may already know, as i bang on about it enough, i almost solely shop in Tall sections these days for skirts, dresses, shorts, jeans, trousers and even some tops. So when i saw that ASOS had started bringing out things in Tall, i was over the moon. It's still early days but things are looking promising. I've already made my first order, and i was really impressed so i'll definitely be back for more.

This collection is my new favourite thing, and i find myself surfing the ASOS website to see whether new things have been added daily so i thought i'd show you what's on my wishlist.

What i love about this new collection is that they have some really great basics but also some fun, more interesting pieces too. All the jeans that i own now are Topshop Tall Joni jeans and i'd really like to try something new, especially as the ASOS versions are slightly cheaper. I love this mid wash pair as i tend to really only have light or dark washes. They also have some great skater skirts available, pictured above is a really versatile one in black and a lovely blue, sunflower print version. I already own a blue and white striped skirt, which is a lovely quality jersey and it's the perfect length, so i definitely want to pick up a few more for the coming seasons.

Playsuits are my absolute favourite, they're a pain to pee in but they're so easy to throw on yet look like you've made an effort. I love these two especially, the red with the black lace trim looks so vintage and really different to what i'd usually go for but red is one of my favourite colours. The black, floral playsuit is exactly my usual type and i think this one is so simple and easy, it's be lovely for the summer paired with some converse for a more causal look or some heeled boots for something a little more dressy. I'm also dying to have a jumpsuit, i have one already that i love from ASOS but it's from the regular range and i spend my time rolling up the ankles to make it cropped, so you can't see it's too short, but i just think they look so chic. This black one is lovely, i love that it's simple and could be dressed up or down depending on the occasion - lunch with friends or an evening date.

I find it most difficult buying bottoms so whenever i see fun trousers, especially jersey, i go for them. I love this beautiful black and white floral. They could be worn all year round depending on what you pair them with and i'd love these for an effortless look on a warm Summer day. Culotte shorts are also some of my favourite to buy, and i do already own a pair of these from ASOS again from the regular range that i added lace to to make them longer but they're still a little short for me, so to have them in Tall is perfect. I did actually already order these but they emailed me saying they'd gone out of stock which was gutting but i'm hoping they'll come back in eventually and then they'll be mine. Although they're black, i think pairing them with some bright coloured or patterned tops will look lovely.

Last, when it comes to tops i can get away with shopping in the usual line but tunics are sometimes a bit tricky and i just love this breton striped, lace detail knit version that although isn't something i'd get much use out of in the coming months, it'd be lovely for next Winter for an easy look. As for the asymmetric cami, i think this is beautiful. It would look so lovely paired with jeans to jazz up a daytime look or with black trousers in the evening for something more formal.

That's my pick of the new ASOS Tall collection, what do you think? Where is your favourite place to shop for the perfect fit?


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