4 April 2014

Seventeen Lip Crayon in Knockout

As we all know i am becoming increasingly obsessed with chunky pencil lip products, and as long as they're not a stain or super long lasting - i have a very strange phobia of not being able to take lip products off, lets not go there - i'm likely to buy them all, and in multiple colours too. So when i saw some new pencil product releases while scouring the aisles in Boots, i couldn't help myself.

Seventeen is a brand i'm fond of; i use their concealer and own a few other lipsticks by them too. I like that it's pretty affordable but in all honesty i do see it as one of the lower quality brands in the drugstore, and i don't really know how that feeling as come to be. Anyway, when i saw they had brought out a small range of colours in chubby form i thought i'd give it a go as they were cheaper than many of the other drugstore pencils. There was only about five colours to choose from but i'm pretty much obsessed with purple lips at the moment, and i love that beautiful pink toned purple berry colour too, and although this is usually seen as a Winter shade i love them a little brighter so thought i'd give them a go in the Spring and Summer too. I chose the shade in Knockout, and i have to admit that the packaging isn't my favourite. I'm not a fan of the font or of the layout - that's the designer in me - but, it's what inside that counts. 

I'm actually really impressed with this product, it's not the most moisturising but it's also not drying either. It's not sticky but it's lovely and glossy. It's honestly a really good quality especially for the price. The pigmentation is amazing! It's a little bit sheer but there's plenty of colour there, and it really packs a punch. I even think they have much better pigmentation than the L'Oreal Balmy glosses and they don't have the glitter or shimmer they seem to have either. They last well on the lips but they're not hard to get off either! Honestly, i'm really impressed with this product and i would definitely buy another shade or two.



  1. Ooh what a gorgeous colour! I really love Seventeen, proof that good products can also be super affordable! <£

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  2. I love the chunky lip crayons too, but have never tried these Seventeen ones. The colour looks pigmented & pretty, I think I will have to pick up a couple


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