9 April 2014

A Lazy Girls Dream #2: Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser

After i found the Nivea In-Shower Moisturiser, i thought that was the ultimate lazy girls dream when i comes to moisturising. As i expressed last time, i just don't moisturise! I don't find that my body gets very dry, even in the Winter but  this Summer i do want to get into keeping my skin hydrated and looking, and feeling, it's best. So, when i noticed every blogger and their cat talking about the Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser, i knew i needed to give it a go.

Available in Boots were the Cocoa Radient Vaseline Spray & Go, the Original Moisturiser Essential and the one i picked up which is the Aloe Fresh version. I love Aloe Vera, especially in the Summer as i'm so pale my skin really reacts well to it and i have to say i'm so glad i picked this one. It smells so fresh and lovely, perfect for Summer especially but also all year round. The continual spray feature makes it super easy to get the amount you want to use, and easily cover as much space as you need. As i said, it smells lovely and it absorbs super quick. It leaves your skin feeling soft, and not at all greasy. It doesn't leave any residue, which is something i hate and not grease what-so-ever.

Overall, it's so easy to use and leaves your skin feeling really soft. If you hate moisturising as much as me, i'd really recommend giving this a go. It looks a little gimmicky but i say anything that gets me moisturising more often is worth a go!


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