16 April 2014

#StudentLife: Working from Home

As i'm coming to the end of my life as a working-at-home student, i thought i'd just share with you some snaps i've taken over the past month. I've really gotten back into taking photographs, and i've found myself snapping away here and there recently. I love going out and photographing beautiful sunsets, and nature, and people but taking pictures of the mundane, everyday is also quite interesting. So, here are some images that sum up my working at home life.

 Chicken, Bacon, Feta & Pepper Pasta

Spreading Out

 Copious cups of tea by 11:30am

 Printing on printing on printing

 Taking a break, watching Pretty Little Liars during Lunch

Watching me some Youtube all-day err-day, here is some Essiebutton


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