14 April 2014

Revlon Colourburst Lacquer Balm in Provocateur

Yes, yes another chubby stick style product, i know - i think i have a problem! I'd seen too much about these ones all over the blogs and Youtube not to pick one up to try for myself and i think i've fallen in love!

I really do love this product. Yet another chunky pencil lip product to add to my collection, and now i honestly need every colour. I'm really not a matte lip product fan so i won't ever go for the Revlon Colourburst Matte Balms but the lacquer balms are right up my street. I have to say that they're not super glossy, but they have some shine to them and really sit on the lips nicely. They seem to melt into the lips and leave a beautiful, smooth result rather than sitting.

I wanted to go for a colour that was really different to anything else that i have, so i went for the shade Provocateur which is a bright red shade that when swatched seems to have a pink tone. It's bright and really packs a punch, and i would say that the finish is sort of a velvet/satin. Like i said, it's not super glossy like a lipgloss and it's not at all sticky. It's a beautiful finish, and i think this is one of the nicest chunky pencil lip products in the drugstore.

The packaging is also beautiful, a shiny metal look in the colour of the lip product but i have heard that they are easily scratched, but most of my lip products sit in my make up storage rather than in my make up bag so i don't really see that issue. If, like me, you love the chunky lip products then i almost insist you get some of these to add to your collection - i know i need some more shades.


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