18 April 2014

The Topshop Mambos

So, i missed out on the Allegras and the Ambush, but this time i found the perfect Topshop boot for me.

My problem is that because i'm tall, i do have bigger feet - i'm about a 7 and a half - but they're ridiculously skinny too. I have such a problem with finding shoes and boots to fit. When i'm buying flats, they have to have a strap, or a T-bar, or laces, or an ankle strap and boots almost always have to lace up, occasionally i can rock a zip but i certainly can't wear a slip on, oh no. My poor, little feet just can't keep 'em on. 

I've really been wanting some chunky, heeled boots for a while now and i've been scouring the High Street for the perfect pair. I found a pair in New Look that i was very close to buying, but there was just something about them that put me off. They were very stiff material, with a really hard heel which isn't my favourite kind - i'm all about the comfort. So, when i spied the Topshop Mambos on the website i just knew they were the ones for me. They looks soft, and comfortable, AND they had laces. I love that the sole is chunky, and has great grip on the bottom, and rather than being really hard heels they're more like a rubber material. 

They are insanely comfortable and thanks to the platform on the front, the heel isn't quite as high but they're not actually all too high in the first place. They're perfect for everyday or for something a little more casual for the evening. I love pairing them with jeans, leggings and i love the way they make dresses and skirts a little more edgy. I love wearing dresses and skirts when the weather is nicer, but i'm not the most girliest of girls so having some shoes to toughen up some of my more girlier pieces is a lovely addition. Although they're black, i actually wear black shoes all year round and these could definitely be worn with cute, bright frilly socks and bare legs or with tights too. They're so versatile, and i'm looking forward to getting creative with them in the coming season.


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