28 February 2014

How I use my Naked Palette (Finally)

I've owned my Naked Palette since August and just haven't gotten around to using it. For some time i went completely off of using any eyeshadow, as i just didn't have the time so it just got shoved into the back of my collection. However, over the Christmas period i got into the festive spirit and enjoyed experimenting with eyeshadow again so decided to pull out the classic Urban Decay Naked Palette. I've heard every blogger and their cat rave about how brilliant this palette is, and how it's the best day to night palette but i had yet to test it out for myself. So, today i thought i'd share with you how i've come to like to use mine.

Virgin, Sin, Naked & Sidecar

I'll be honest and say i'm not super into overdoing my eyeshadow, so virgin isn't one i come to very often as it's really there to be used as a highlight, i'm sure. Sin can really be a beautiful, simple all-over-the-lid shade that just creates a shimmery, rosy tone but i'm not super into pinks on the eyes so it's not something that i use frequently. Sidecar is actually a little dark for me, as i really like to stick with light and bright bronzey looks with my eyeshadow mainly, but it can be a nice light crease colour if i want something shimmery or a more evening all over colour. I love naked, i never really understood the love of matte shades, as i was a die-hard shimmer fan but i've actually really come to love the matte finish. This works great in the crease for a little definition, or i sometimes use it in the outer corner for a little shaping and actually i've come to find them pretty versatile.

Buck, Half Baked, Smog & Darkhorse

Buck is probably one of my favourites in the palette, purely for it's versatility. It's pretty much come to be my go-to crease colour for my everyday looks and even for the nighttime, if i'm going for something a little less heavy. It's a nice definer and can easily create some shape in the outer corner or along the lash line. Half baked is a little full on for me, as it's crammed with shimmer and it's a super intense bright gold/bronze shade. If i want something a little fancy and fun, then it can be nice as an all over shade if you're light handed or perhaps on the inner third of the lid with something a little more matte in the outer two to calm things down. I'll admit that Smog and Darkhorse are not my shades and i don't think i've even used them. They're both quite deep, dark colours and i'm not quite sure how to work them into my looks - i don't want to end up looking like i've been punched in the eye!

Toasted, Hustle, Creep & Gunmetal

Toasted, to me, is actually is a darker sister to Sin. They actually look really nice together for a simple, rosy toned smokey eye. Using sin in the first half and Toasted in the second, it can look really cute but again, it's not something i go for on the day-to-day and only really found it due to experimenting. Hustle is a really nice outer corner or crease colour, but again i'm a bit of a wimp so it's not something i gravitate towards. Creep is really only a lash line colour for me, and that's it. I've never really adventured into the land of Gunmetal but looking at it, it's a really beautiful colour so i'd love to give it a shot. If you've got any suggestions of how to use it, please let me know!

So, that's how i'm currently using my Naked Palette. How are you using yours? Do you have any combinations that you think i need to try?


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