26 February 2014

Soap & Glory Hand Food

Soap & Glory Hand Food 250ml, 125ml & 50ml

I use a lot of anti bacterial, and when i say a lot i mean a lot. I use it all day, every day when i'm out and about and then i continue to use when i'm home too. I have one in every bag and one sitting on my nightstand, i'm never too far from one. But with that does come a little dryness to the hands, and it's not all the time or hugely often but it does happen, and i'm pretty brutal on my hands too. So, it's nice to take the time out to moisturise them every once in a while - read: when i remember. I've always had the little 50ml Soap & Glory Hand Foods floating around in the bottom of my bags somewhere, and then last Christmas when i received the huge Soap & Glory set for Christmas i got one of the 125ml tubes that lived on my bedside table and for Christmas this year, on the tip off from me, my lovely mum bought me the big old 250ml pump bottle because i had mentioned that i'm not so good at remembering to moisturise. So having this sitting on my bedside, and in an easy pump bottle, makes it easier for me to remember to moisturise my hands - especially before i go to bed.


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