24 February 2014

Clearasil Rapid Action Pads


Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Pads

For the past month, or so, i've been having real problems with my skin. It's been worse than just breaking out, i've been getting awful under the skin lumps and bumps that never amount to anything, but are horrendously sore. They're really red and are super hard to cover with make up, and they really like to stick around for a long time too. So, i was getting desperate and looking for anything that help me improve my problem skin. I was lucky enough to receive some Boots vouchers for Christmas, so while i was browsing the shelves i came across these. I already have a skincare routine that works pretty well for keeping most of my skin under control and i didn't want to try any other cleansers or facial washes in case they did break me out, especially as i have ones that work for me already. I noticed these pads and thought that i had nothing to loose and i'd give them a shot, and my goodness did they help improve my skin.

They say to use them twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening but i tend to just use them at night as i have a morning routine set in place that works. They tend to dry the skin but not too much, just the spots that were trouble. They didn't bother my skin just helped with the overall redness and lumps that were plaguing my skin. They're a little bit abrasive but nothing too much, and honestly they just work really well with my skin. They've helped to improve the overall look and feel, and i'm really happy with how they've helped.

I am now using them in conjunction with prescribed antibiotics for my skin, which is obviously helping, but even before the antibiotics they got the ball rolling. My doctor has actually suggested going on Roaccutane for my skin but i know there's a lot of controversy surrounding it, so if any of you have any advice or knowledge of Roaccutane then i'd love to hear!


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