4 December 2013

November Favourites

Butterkist Toffee Apple Popcorn | Good Things Miracle Matte Moisturiser | Superdrug Tea Tree Spot Stick | Bun Doughnut | Head Case Holly Retro Christmas Design iPhone Case | iPhone Black Glitter Case | Cuticura Passion Flower & Mango Anti Bacterial Hand Gel

This past month has been pretty full on so i haven't even had the chance to try many new products, or think about favourites for that matter - i almost missed them! But i've come up with a few products that helped me out in November.

I found the butterkist toffee apple popcorn on offer in my student shop at university, and it just sounded too good to pass up - let me just say it was love at first bite. It's so delicious! I love toffee apple, but not so much when you get down to apple, although i love the flavour of apple so this was just perfect for me. It's super sweet, but not too sickly. It has the perfect combination of flavours and i think that more people should have sold this!

This Good Things moisturiser is just brilliant, and i've been using it every day for over a year now, maybe even two. I've been having an issue with my skin lately, probably due to stress, and i've been breaking out here and there which can be a complete pain when it comes to applying make up thanks to all the products used to try and clear the breakouts. This stuff just totally smooths out the skin, creating a great base plus controls the oil. It's just brilliant and i thought it deserved another mention.

Only about the end of Summer did i realise just how sensitive my skin is. It really can't handle a lot of the drying spot treatments available, and they usually just make things worse. So i thought why not go back and try good old tea tree, and i'm so glad i did. Yes, it probably takes longer for the spots to heal and fade but they do in such a more soothing, clearer way and i'm not left with horrible marks. This stuff tingles with application, which i love because i know it's doing something, but it's also so soothing and not too harsh, and my skin loves it.

Now that it's nearly Christmas, i love getting in the spirit and honestly i love getting Christmassy in November too so i treated myself to some new phone cases. The holly one was such a find, and it is so, so cute! I love the retro design and the holly is super festive. The case is great, i just wish the finish was more glossy but i can deal with that thanks to the cute print. As for the glitter, i've had these before and they are so inexpensive yet so effective. They just look so festive and pretty, and really make a statement which i think is great this time of year.

Thanks to the weather getting wetter, colder and more unpredictable i'm back to the old bun doughnut. I basically use it every day because my hair is so thin that if i get caught in the rain, well lets just say it'd be bad. Plus, the cold just makes my hair look limp and thin, so i just shove it up in a bun and it looks so much more tidy and really completes any look.

Last is my hand sanitiser. I actually keep anti bac on my night stand as i use it frequently throughout the day, and i was using my favourite Soap & Glory one but it was getting a little expensive the amount i was getting through, so when i found this new brand in boots i thought i'd give it a go. It's always on offer and you get more in a bottle, so it works out great for me. It has a lovely scent too which is my main request, so this is just perfect.


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