3 October 2013

#YOTM | Youtubers of the Month (SEPTEMBER)

Another month, another post for my favourite Youtubers. These posts actually help to remember some of my favourite Youtubers that don't get as much love from me as the bigger ones do, as well find some new favourites.

First, this month, is Ingrid otherwise known at Missglamorazzi. I've been watching Ingrid for a long time, and have followed not only her beauty channel but also her vlogs and i feel like i've learnt a lot about her lifestyle and personality.

Ingrid's beauty channel is full of character, and what i love most is her signature filming style. She has the imagination to create beautifully arty videos, which sets her apart from other beauty gurus. She's ever so friendly, and down to earth, and seems to happy to share her hopes and fears with her audience.

I'm not a big monthly favourites watcher, simply because on Youtube everyone seems to make them and a lot of the Youtubers i watch have different tastes to myself but Ingrid is one of the videos i always watch, along with Sam Scheurman and Fleur De Force. She's so insightful and i love how she explains how things work for her and how they fit into day to day life. Something she does really well is create 'Get Ready with Me' videos, as well as Outfit of the Days and Lookbooks. She has such a talent for creating beautiful angles and interesting shots which makes for a beautiful video.

Next, is Khila, Lee, Ella & Milo known for their channel Meet the Mccools. MTM is a vlogging channel where Khila takes charge of filming herself and her families lives every other month, and sporadicly in between.

I initially found Khila through her beauty channel, Ms Budget Beauty, and found that she actually vlogged and seeing as vlogs are my favourite videos to watch, i was immediatly subscribed. There's something about Khila, and her family, that set her apart from other vloggers on Youtube. Perhaps it's because she also shares the lives of her beautiful children, perhaps it's because she never claims to everything about everything, or perhaps it's because she asks her audience questions; what do they think? What would they do? And she's very active on Twitter, too. I'm not sure, but whatever it is, i love to watch!

I love that rather feeling the need to fill her vlogs with unnatural excitement, she genuinely shows her everyday life; what she eats, what she's doing with Milo, how he's not always 100% happy, how Ella is feeling, etc. If you want to watch a really genuine, friendly, happy family then give them a go.


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