1 October 2013

(A Different) September Favourites: Interning

This month makes for a slightly different monthly favourites, as most of my September was taken up by interning. So, i haven't really had the time to test out any new products and i didn't want to not post a favourites, so this month my favourite was interning!

So, if you've never had the pleasure of scouting for internships then you probably wouldn't know that they're damn hard to come by. It has taken many months of emailing all the right people to get even somewhere. It's taken a lot of time and hard work to get where i've come so far. So, i was excited to get an email back from the lovely Jodie, who's the fashion assistant at Good Housekeeping magazine. GH is one of the magazines that until i started university two, or so, years ago i hadn't even bothered to pick up because i was convinced it wasn't for me. Well, in those two years my reading tastes have completely changed; i decided i was bold enough to say that Vogue wasn't really up my street, i got rid of all of the trashy, celeb mags and i got down to knowing the magazines that really were, and were not, my cup of tea. Now, i'm lucky enough to subscribe to my favourite few and i know the couple that i pick up when i want something else, and of course i'm always on the search for new! Good Housekeeping was one of the new ones i decided to give a go almost two years ago.

I always thought that GH was for an older woman than me, someone who wanted to read about how to cook, clean and look after a family. How wrong was i? Good Housekeeping is a sleek, glossy fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine, with a quarterly sister magazine called Good Ideas encompassing anything from fashion to cooking. Now that i've been witness to the inner workings of the mag i can tell you it's a very well put together publication, everything is set to such a high standard and that all helps it become the magazine you see on the newsstands.

From Top L-R: My Pre-Work View (A Peach Lemonade in Costa, Gt Portland St) | One of my Favourite Train Journey Views (It's Prettier when the sun is Rising!) | One of my favourite Walk-to-Work Locations | A Train Home Treat (A Caffe Nero Sicilian Lemonade & Boots Low Cal Salted Popcorn)

Anyway, my job was dealing with all things fashion. I was stationed in the fashion cupboard, at my desk, where i had a computer that i used to email, research and look up addresses. If you've ever worked in a fashion cupboard then you'll know that one of the biggest jobs is returns. On my first day, i was given about a hundred returns to do as the team had been shooting the previous week, and bearing in mind i'd never done a return in my life it's safe to say i was pretty daunted. However, once i got the hang of it, and by the end of the day, i was thinking that the rest of time with GH would be pretty boring if that's all i would be doing. Oh goodness, i could not be more wrong. I was lucky enough to do all sorts of jobs, with a lot of returns thrown in there too. I was entrusted with: calling in samples, including some very last minute, responding to all sorts of emails, searching back dockets looking for missing samples, helping and observing photoshoots, preparing models, checking the post, and many, many more that i cannot even think of right now.

From Top L-R: Post Work Train Sunset | A Thursday View | A Photoshoot Breakfast | Cowboys Yee-Hawing through Oxford Circus before 9am on a Monday #CowboysforCountryMusic

Honestly, as hectic and crazy as it was i really had the best time. It was an amazing experience, watching the fashion team in action and that's one thing i didn't realise i would get from interning; not only did a learn a lot of new skills and get given a lot of trust and responsibility, but i also got to experience the commuting, and working in London, lifestyle as well as view the jobs of the other fashion team and see how they worked. I even got the chance to sit in on a viewing, which included the fashion editor, associate editor and the editor of Good Housekeeping, for the clothes that where going to be shot the following day.

This opportunity taught me so much about the lifestyle this kind of job would provide, what goes into the jobs of lovely ladies on the fashion team and so much more. One thing that really stood out to me on my internship was how absolutely lovely everyone was. Not just the ladies i worked closely with but also people in the post room, the courier and anybody else i came into contact with. It's not that i expected everyone to horrible but i think that it can completely make or break an experience whether you get along with the people at work, and at Hearst i really had no problem.

So, that was my favourite for the month, and to anyone like me who's searching for internships all i can say is keep at it. It takes a lot of time, hard work and sending emails to get anywhere but you can do it - i'm living proof! However, like i said it really does take hard work so you can't just expect for the to come to you. You can't just follow @ukfashionintern on Twitter and expect to get everything you've ever wanted, it doesn't work that way although it's a great way to start. Just go for it, take the leap and good luck.


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