1 September 2013

August Favourite: Holiday Edition

This months favourites is a Holiday Edition, seeing as most of my August was spent in America, and i didn't particularly get time to try anything new except for the things i took away with me to test out. So, i thought i'd pile together my favourite products that i took on holiday. There are a few duplicate products that have already been starred in Favourites posts before, but i thought i'd talk about these products how they worked for me while i was away, compared to how i've previously discussed them working for me at home.

M&S Diamante Bow Cage Panel Sandal | I absolutely adore these sandals. This Summer i bought three new pairs of sandals and this was the only pair that didn't rub my feet at all. They fit my feet perfectly and haven't bothered me at all, they're actually pretty comfortable or as comfortable as sandals can be. They're black and gunmetal silver, so they go with absolutely everything and i love that they're a little bit different and not your standard sandal. I wore these on days when i wasn't legging it round a theme park, and was having a more casual day, like shopping and by the pool. I just love their aesthetic and the way they fit my feet, perfect for pairing with any outfit. They did a great job of smartening up my shorts and playsuits too.

Converse All Star Low Navy Canvas | This is my shoe of choice for wearing in the parks. Last year, while in Florida, i started off wearing my usual flip flops but for some unknown reason they began to really mess with my feet. I'm not sure if it was because i hadn't worn flip flops for probably three years that my feet weren't used to it, but they became very sore and painful. So sore that i could actually barely walk, it felt as though i'd pulled muscles all along the soles of my feet. So, i had to get a plan of action quick and get me something else to wear that would give my poor feet some support. I popped to a local outlet and there was the Converse store, like a shining beacon of hope. Well, perhaps not that dramatic but they were the answer to my sore feet. I popped these on and they totally cushioned and supported my feet - and at half the price of regular Converse. I just love how these support me and keep my feet looked after when i'm going a lot of walking. I also love this Navy blue as i goes with a lot, and i didn't want black for a sunny holiday or white so they got dirty.

Cath Kidston Washed Roses Zip Wallet | Last year, i bought myself a cute laser cut white and coral wallet for my holiday that i adored, it was absolutely adorable and really Summery. It wasn't until the day before i flew on holiday that i went to put my ID in there that i realised the card slot were too small. How ridiculous, so i spent my holiday unzipping the middle section to keep my cards in. So, this holiday i decided to treat myself to a new Summer wallet and what better way to go than good old Cath. I love Cath Kidston wallets, i think they're gorgeous. This one is perfect as it has tonnes of room for paper Dollars, and coins as well as card slots that fit my cards. There's also extra little spaces to keep theme park tickets and receipts. Perfect, and i love the Summery floral print too.

Soap & Glory Travel Size Flake Away Body Scrub | As i mentioned in my leg shaving routine, i love the Soap & Glory Flake Away but man does that stuff come in a huge tub. So, i took a trip to the S&G Travel section and voila! Flake Away Travel Size. This is perfect, so i can keep up my routine but chuck away the empty pot on the way home. It also doesn't take up too much room or weight on the flight out either which is great. I actually bought two, however, to take with me: one for the first week and one for the second, as i like to use a generous amount of scrub. These are a great price too, so perfect for holidays.

Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner | At home, i use this every morning in my morning skincare routine but while i'm away on holiday i shower in the mornings, unlike at home, so i wash my face differently. While i was away, this kind of became a great way to clean the top layer of dirt or sweat off of my face, before i got a chance to do my normal skincare routine. It was also a great refresher when i was feeling hot or just fancied giving my face a clean.

Malibu Aloe Vera Moisturising After Sun Gel | Also in my leg shaving routine post, i talked about how i used to use Aloe Vera Gel as my go to post shave moisturiser. Well, i decided that for while i was away i'd hop back to it as it'd be perfect for soothing hot skin, especially if i was tanning burning or getting too much sun. This product is somewhere between the Life Plan Aloe Vera Gel and the Nads Ingrown Solution that i talked about as, because it's also an after sun i feel it's got better soothing, calming and moisturising properties than the Life Plan but it's still pretty thick and not as directed for what i'm using it for as the Nads. However, it worked great for what i wanted it for so two thumbs up.

Hawaiian Tropic Sensitive Face Sun Lotion SPF 30 | As i explained in my skincare routine post, i've been working hard to help my skin improve and i've been pretty impressed with most of the results. However, i didn't really want to go on holiday and slather my face with oily, greasy suncream and then have a battle with breakouts. Now, as i said i've never really been super into skincare or anything so i never new there was sun lotions that were made just for the face until now. I decided i'd give this one a go as it was on offer in Boots. It claims to be aimed at sensitive skin, and is oil free which is perfect for my sensitive, oily, acne prone skin. I love this stuff, i worked great. It blended into my skin perfectly and although it didn't dry into a totally matte finish like my usual moisturiser, it still kept my face pretty matte and kind of left me with fresh, smooth skin which is exactly what i was after.

Mitchum For Women Shower Fresh Deodorant | I know i've spoken about this one before, but i thought i'd just give it another shout out as it kept me dry and fresh all holiday long. I love this deodorant because it's alcohol free and doesn't irritate me, and it kept me totally protected in the super hot Florida weather.

Soap & Glory Hand Maid Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel | We all know i'm an anti bad enthusiast, so i couldn't go away without my handbag buddy Hand Maid. I just love this for while i'm in the theme parks and there's loads of kids and people, with lots of germs so it's a great thing to have popped in my bag when i want to freshen up or clean my hands. Obviously in theme parks there are lots of surfaces that thousands of people touch, so it's great just to be able to kill any germs whenever i feel like i need it.

Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothpaste | It was actually on holiday last year when my teeth became sensitive, especially as while i'm away i drink a lot of icy, cold drinks unlike while i'm at home which is on the odd occasion. So, i made sure to have my trusty Colgate Pro-Relief with me and sure it enough it kept me totally protected from all the freezing drinks that i had all holiday.

Models' Own Nail Polish in Champagne | This was my chosen nail colour for my holiday. When i'm away, i like to choose something that'll go with everything i'm wearing so i don't have to worry about changing it all the time. I have always loved this polish and always will, so it wasn't a hard choice. I just love how glossy, and shimmery this metallic polish is and it really enhances any outfit  I just love it, there's nothing left to say!


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