3 September 2013

#YOTM | Youtubers of the Month (August)

August Favourites can only mean one thing: Summer is nearly over. This makes me very sad, however it means another month of Favourites Youtubers so there's a thin silver lining! Like i say every month, i find picking monthly Youtubers very difficult because i'm such a Youtube fanatic. A lot of people that i've spoken to love Youtube predominantly for the beauty and fashion videos, however i love it for two reasons. One being the beauty and fashion videos and the other for vlogs, there's just something about watching someone's everyday life and i like to be a little bit nosey. However, i've been showing you a lot of my vlogging favourites over the past few months so i thought it about time to pay homage to some of my favourite beauty Youtubers.

First is the lovely Louise of Sprinkle of Glitter; here you'll find beauty, fashion and lifestyle videos with a serious about of bubbles, glitter and fun.

What i love most about Louise, and it's something i've come to expect, is that she's just so positive. She's doesn't mind laughing at herself, or being honest and open which is such a blessing when you're a subscriber. There's nothing like subscribing to your favourite Youtuber and feeling welcomed and like you know them. With Louise, she makes sure there's little you don't know about her, obvioulsy besides her family. Although, it's lovely watching her beautiful daughter Darcy, also known as Baby Glitter, grow up. I'm really not doing a great job filling you in here, but all i can say is go check her out and you will not be disappointed.

Next up is the lovely Tanya Burr, an MUA from the East of England who spends a lot of time in London working on exciting ventures.

The nice thing about Tanya's channel, and probably what i enjoy the most, is that she does such a real range of videos. Tanya does amazing make up tutorials - which is great because she really knows what she's doing, as she's a make up artists by trade - as well as hauls, challenge videos, what's inn my bags and tag videos. It's a really great style of videos and there are few 'gurus' who upload in that way. She's friendly and positive, but she talks in a way that you know you can trust her opinion. I like that she's informative but her style is still open and honest. Be sure to check her out if you're a make up enthusiast!


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