4 August 2013

#Vlogumentary: @shaycarl @katilette @coreyvidal

Today's post is totally impromptu and i hadn't even intended on writing it until i remembered something quite amazing this morning and i felt it my duty to help get the word out there.

The blogging and Youtube community has become such a huge part of my life, not only on my own blog writing posts to help better myself but also for you guys and for the amazing friends i've made through it. As well as Youtube becoming a daily routine; like many others i know, i watch Youtube while in the morning while i'm waking on and getting tasks done. It's become as routine as applying my make up in the morning, and the two usually go hand in hand.

This Social Media land that's made up of Blogs, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etcetera etcetera is growing and evolving, big enough to look after us all. In this land there is something for everyone and in this land, you're part of a family if you take the time to dig in.

I found the Shaytards well over a year ago now and making a long story short, they have come to embrace me and every other Shaytards viewer that joined today, one year ago, four years ago and everyone in between. Shay strives to get this business noticed, to get the understanding of vlogging and blogging as a job understood. Not only that but honestly, this family have changed my life. It sounds insane that people i've never even met let along rarely interacted with could make such a huge impact on someone, but this family along with many other vloggers and Youtubers alike have let me understand that it is okay to think as social media as a job; that there are other people out there that feel the same way as you and that you are not alone.

Shay along with many, many other people including Corey Vidal and Apprentice A have built something amazing. Something few other people would have the patience, drive and willing to do: They've made a documentary, otherwise known as the Vlogumentary.

If you have ever watch a Youtube video and felt connected, or loved, or relieved, or helped, or understood, or cheered, or anything in between. Whether you've watched a Shaytards vlog, joined the CTFxC, needed a tutorial on how to apply your make up, felt sad and watched cute cat videos for hours on end; all i ask is that you take a minute out of your day and watch this and thumbs it up. Please share it with your friends, on Twitter, on Facebook, on your blog like i am and help them get this video to 100,000 thumbs up.

They've worked so hard to accomplish this and i think it's only fair that we help them in return. And, honestly, i want a huge production company to pick this up because i want to watch this in the cinema in the UK too.

So please, go to this video by clicking Youtube in the bottom, right hand corner of this video or click 'this' above and thumbs it up. Social media is here. Embrace it.

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