2 August 2013

July Favourites

Whoa, whoa, whoa, time is passing too fast! How is it August already? With the start of a new month means another monthly favourites post. I had a bit of trouble to begin with, this month, because i didn't think i really think i'd tried many new things that i'd fallen in love with but once i thought of one product the ball began to roll and i collected up quite a nice collection.

Topshop Jackie Drop Lens Sunglasses | I was on the hunt for the perfect sunglasses for my Summer holiday this year, which for me is a little ridiculous because i already have quite the sunglasses collection. However, when i was in the London Oxford Street branch of Topshop, they had such a great selection of them that i couldn't help but to have a look. I saw these little beauties and didn't have anything like this in my collection, so decided they just needed to be mine. I love the colourful frames, and the shape is my absolute perfect style. Cateyes really suit me and i tend to always go for that shape, but adding in this fun transparent, colourful frame and they were soon in my basket.

Superdrug Aloe Vera Mud Mask | A lot of bloggers i read love their skincare routines, and especially their weekly pamper nights. I however, i am kind of lazy when it comes to skincare and apart from my daily care that i've gotten into the habit of doing, i don't do much outside of that. However, when i was browsing the aisles of Superdrug i spotted this and thought it sounded interesting. You don't often get hardening clay masks with the benefits of Aloe Vera, and i find that clay masks work best for me on my oily, acne prone skin. However, this formulation of masks can also be quite drying on the skin leaving it feeling tight and uncomfortable but the Aloe in this product really helps to keep the skin smooth and cared for. When applying, it really feels cool and soothing which i really enjoyed and i've found this really help my skin.

Soap & Glory Hand Food Hand Cream | Now we're finally getting a little Summer, i'm starting to up my bodycare game to get myself feeling Summer ready. I use a lot of Anti Bacterial hand gel because it's quick and easy, but this can also dry out the hands in the long run and especially when the weather is warmer. So i like to apply hand cream on my hands before i go to bed to let it work throughout the night, waking up to lovely soft palms. This is my hand cream of choice, and i've never found a 'drugstore' hand product that sinks in quite so quickly and easily, as well as having a divine scent!

Soap & Glory Heel Genius | Another treatment i like to use in the Summer months is Heel Genius. This is a minty foot cream that you apply over night underneath cotton socks to prevent it from rubbing off, but so your feet can still breathe. In the morning my feet always feel so refreshed and smoothed, especially after wearing sandals all day as i find that can really harden the skin on my feet. This is my secret weapon!

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil | In my road to help my clear up my skin, i wanted to target the acne scarring i have on my cheeks remaining from when i didn't understand skincare or spot treatments. One of the things that i dislike most about myself is the acne scarring on my right cheek. To me, it stands out however my mum assures me it's not as bad as i think but you know what it's like. When you believe something about yourself, it's hard to think otherwise. So, i looked into ways to improve the scarring and came across Rosehip Oil. It's supposed to reduce all sorts of scarring, stretch marks and wrinkles so i thought i'd give it a go. A lot of people mentioned this Trilogy Certified Organice Rosehip Oil so when i found it in Boots, i thought i'd give it a go. I really like it and actually think that's helping. Even after one application, i felt like the scarring was blurred.

Boots Salon Performance Tail Comb | One of my pet peeves is hair in my face. I cannot stand it, which is probably why i can no longer deal with a fringe. So, i like to pin back the front of my hair and having a comb really comes in handy. I love this combs and they help to part the hair as well as keep things neat.

Gillette Venus Proskin Sensitive Razor | I have a real issue with shaving my legs as the skin on my legs, like a lot of my skin, is very sensitive. After shaving my legs come out in a horrible, red, bumpy rash far worse than any razor burn you can imagine. It doesn't matter how much time i take or how careful i am, it looks horrendous and i end up too self-concious about getting them out that i put them under tights anyway. When i spotted this razor being called Sensitive, i thought i'd give it a go. Although my legs still don't appreciate being shaven and do still come out in a small rash, it's nothing like before and it lasts hours rather than days. This Summer i've gotten my legs out more than i have i the last five years.

Cuticura Hand Anti Bacterial Hygiene Hand Gel | Like i said before, i love Anti Bacterial Gel because it's quick, easy and keeps hands germ free. However, noone loves the alcohol scent so i used to keep a Soap & Glory Hand Maid on my bedside which is actually my favourite Anti Bac. When you get through them as fast as i do, it actually adds up so when i found this brand with a lovely fruity scent i had to give it a go. These come in slightly larger bottles and are cheaper then the S&G. What more can i say? It smells fab and keeps my hands clean.

Mitchum For Women Deodorant | I can't remember whether i've mentioned it before but i have a lot of problems with my under arms as i get very bad eczema, which is sometimes brought on by stress but also by harsh products. About six months ago i had a really bad bought of eczema that meant i was unable to use deodorant or any products under my arms, other than water so i've only been able to use deodorant in the last two months but the one that i was using began to irritate me. I went on the hunt for one that didn't bother me but also kept me protected. My lovely friend Izzi suggested Mitchum and i've loved it ever since. The Sanex one i was using started getting very liquidy under my arms when the weather got warm which kind of defeats the point, but this one really does the job and i love it.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Big & Bouncy XXL Volume | I have never understood the hype of Dry Shampoo. It's always done nothing for my hair but make it look disgusting and dry, until i found this one. My hair is very oily and in the mornings, even after i've washed my hair the night before, it can still look a little worn and be a bit unmanageable. However, with a couple of squirts of this it totally tames my hair and smooths it into place. I love it, and i don't know what i've ever done without this! I don't know that it gives me tonnes of volume as it suggests, but it works for what i want it for at least.

Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief with Whitening Toothpaste | I have two bottom teeth that are on and off sensitive. I've been to the dentist for tests and they've said they can't see anything wrong, so there's nothing they can do. However, last time i went he suggest Colgate's Sensitive Pro-Relief which i'd never tried before. I'd always used Sensodyme as i assumed that was the best make, but i never felt like it actually did anything. This however, has totally saved my teeth and i now never get pain. If you rub this into the tooth in question it helps even further so i'm so glad i've found this. When i'm on holiday i drink a lot of frozen drinks and cold desserts so this will seriously help me out this Summer.


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