5 August 2013

#YOTM | Youtubers of the Month (JULY)

It's August, which means it's fully fledged Summer. Oh goodness, when we hit August it kind of makes me sad because although we're finally able to really enjoy the Summer it also means that the start of term is, again, on the horizon. However, until then i'm back again with another month of YOTM! Who have you been loving this month? These are my two top picks:

CTFxC follows the daily lives of Charles & Alli Trippy, and their dogs Zoe & Marley. You'll soon learn that Zoe and Marley are much more than just pets.

I'm fairly new to the CTFxC community, but it's one of the realest (is that a word?) communities that a Youtuber has built. One of the things i love about the Shaytards is the community that they've built and i actually discovered about Charles and Alli through them. They're friends and often mention each other in their daily vlogs so i naturally became curious and i'm glad i ventured onto their channel. They are such a lovely couple, and family with Zoe and Marley included. Something i love about the vlogs, and it's more so with Charles than with Alli as i get the feeling Charles is the main daily vlogger, is that he talks to his community like we're all a family. It's lovely and despite the fact you've never met, it's always lovely to feel included and wanted. Unfortunately Charles has a problem with his brain, which he documents in the vlogs. I think that's such a brave thing to do as it's a huge part of his life that can really affect him, so that brings the community even closer together. He's also part of a band called We The Kings and it's a great 'experience' to be 'taken on tour' with him and the rest of the band. If you're looking for something friendly, fun and easy to watch the CTFxC is a great place to start and if you want to get to know them a little before embarking on the more up-to-date vlogs, then watch their wedding vlogs. Their wedding was an emotional and beautiful day, and it was a pleasure that they chose to share such a special occasion with us.

Zoe, also known as Zoella, is a beauty and fashion guru on Youtube. She's known for her Primark Hauls and bubbly personality.

I love Zoe for her whimsical, light hearted and loving attitude. She talks to you like a friend and gives great advice on everything from hair doos to fashion. The lovely thing about Zoe is honestly the way she talks to you, she giggles and jokes around with you which is lovely to watch. My favourite genre that Zoe covers is actually on her vlogging channel, MoreZoella. Here she shares the exciting things that Youtube has given her the opportunity to do, as well as with the people Youtube has given her the opportunity to meet. She takes you on day trips all over the place, and more recently on an exciting trip to Florida with a lot of other Youtubers. There's little to say about Zoe, she's just a lovely person who shares her life with you. All you have to do is go and check out her channel and you'll fall in love with her too, i'm sure.


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