29 July 2013

Top Summer Nail Polish Picks

Summer is the time of year that i change my nail varnish more than any other, i just love the way it pulls together an outfit and using brights to scream Summer. This time of year i tend to go for pinks, purples, oranges and nudes - although i use the term nude very loosely. Here are my top #8 nail polishes that happen to be my go-to Summer shades.

Model's Own Mystic Mauve | This shade is a gorgeous, simple light purple colour. It's a sort of lilac shade with a very silver undertone that waters it down a lot. It's almost completely shimmery, which makes it a very stand out shade however it's light colour makes it sort of subtle, so this really is an all rounder. It can take you from day to night, and beyond. It applies beautifully, and dries super fast even after two coats which is what i look for in a polish.

Essie Fear & Desire | This, to me, is the perfect bright orange. It really is a true tangerine colour, and it's as bold on the nails as it is in the bottle. It surprisingly goes with a lot, and is great for clashing and contrasting. It applies well and is very smooth, it dries to a matte colour but with a slight shine in consistency.

Model's Own Hayley's Comet | This looks kind of dark in the bottle but when it's applied to the nails, it's a gorgeous pink, red, blue duochrome. It's a very beautiful colour and is like nothing i've ever seen before. It kind of does remind me of a galaxy with it's beautiful colours. Like all Model's Own polishes, it applies beautifully and smoothly, and it's very shimmery when dried.

Essie Splash of Grenadine | I adore this colour and it may well be my all time favourite shade. It somewhere between a pink and a purple, and i love it. It really matches well with my current wardrobe. Like other Essie's it applies well, and dries quickly. It's a very different shade to any other i own, and if you're a pinks and purples kind of person i recommend you try this.

ORLY Oh Cabana Boy | I adore this colour, i bought it last year when i was in America because i'd heard people rave about it and i'd never seen anything like it before. However, since then i have found a great dupe for this shade that i will be sharing with you later this month. It's a gorgeous bright, almost neon pink that's super shimmery. It's a really fun shade and it's like the ultimate Barbie pink.

Model's Own Tropical Sun | This colour is beautiful, it's a peachy orange colour but it's got a golden undertone which really perks it up. It really reminds me of a tropical sunset, and it's great for Summer. It matches really well with pinks which is perfect for my wardrobe right now and it's super shimmery which seems to be my favourite at the moment. It applies beautifully, like all these shades, and dries super fast too.

OPI Glitzerland | As the name suggest this one is packed with glitter, but it's very finely milled so it makes it look intensely sparkly. This is what i would consider a neutral, and if i needed a colour to go with a lot of different outfits this is the kind of shade i would go for. There's no need to keep changing it because this matches with so much. OPI is also really great for not chipping, so i can leave this on for a really long time without having to worry. What i like about this colour is that it isn't a horrible, yellow gold it's really true to the colour, it's a true gold.

Essie Buy me a Cameo | I spoke about this in my June favourites, so you can see what i said there but again this is my idea of a neutral. It's, again, super shimmery and it's a kind of buttery beige colour. It comes out a lot lighter than it looks on the bottle, which i love and again it matches everything. Perfect.


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  1. i love the 2 first essie colours (fear and desire & splash of granadine) they are so pretty! and orly cabana bo is lieterally THE colour for summer :)

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