27 July 2013

#OOTD | Skeletal

Skirt: Topshop | Cami: H&M | Top: New Look | Tights: Tesco | Shoes: Topshop | Necklace: LLROK

I really enjoyed wearing this outfit for lunchtime drinks with an old friend, it was the perfect mix of comfortable, light and cute. Like i said last week, i adore these skirts. They are so easy to just throw on and they're also really soft too, which just adds to the comfort. Like i said, i love the fact they're a sort of skater style but they don't have the structure, i think that makes them a little more relaxed for occasions like lunches, etc. I love the colour too, i originally bought this one to wear in Winter but when paired with the white i think it lifts the deepness of the colour and brings it into Summer.

Talking of this top, i've had it for a long time maybe one or two years, and i think i picked it up in the New Look sale for not very much. It's such a quirky piece and it's really easy to pair with a variety of things. It also looks really sweet with a pair of jeans and sandals for a relaxed daytime look. It is a nightmare for jewellery and nails though, you have to be careful not to snag the fabric as it's fairly delicate. And as for the necklace, i've had this for many, many years. I got it from what used to be Lady Luck Rules OK, and the lovely owner Leona had a cute little boutique on London's Brick Lane. I bought a lot of things from her online store too, however, and this was one of them. She did a set of personalised pendants and i got in there fast for the first batch and got my little Anchor. (It actually says Legs on it too!) It was originally on a shorter chain, but i much prefer something a little longer so bought another to slip it on.

Plus, we all know these tights came off. Ain't nobody got time for tights in this weather! I'm just always chilly early in the morning.


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