11 July 2013

Top Summer Lip Colour Picks

When the Summer roles around i seem to get a little braver with my lip colours and embrace the brights for the season. Depending on my day, i can go for anything from an opaque finish to a wash of colour. I thought i'd share with you my favourite lip products for the Summer, and what my go-tow are at the moment.

I love the Revlon Lip Butters, if you haven't already noticed, and i genuinely think they're improving with every new collection. They're not only really moisturising now, but also way more than just a bit of colour.

Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon | This is from the new Spring/Summer collection and i love this shade. I thought i had found my perfect red but i think i may have been mistaken because this colour really just suits my skintone. I love that it's a pink toned red, perhaps kind of edging on raspberry but when applied it's definitely still a red. It's actually very opaque, nothing like a full lipstick of course, but for something so moisturising it really packs some colour which i'm loving for the Summer.

Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti | This is actually from an older collection, and it doesn't pack as much as a punch as Wild Watermelon but it's still certainly got some colour. I think this is the only way i would ever be able to wear orange. It's such a gorgeous colour and although i wish i could rock MAC's Morange, i think this is probably as close as i'm going to get. It's a really true orange so doesn't make my skin look too off, it just leaves a great colour.

Revlon Lip Butter in Sorbet | Sorbet is probably my new shade, and i never thought i would say that. Another one from the new collection and up until about six months ago, pink was not my colour. I never though i would allow myself to go out in public wearing bright pink lipstick but i just love this and although i'm not entirely sure if it suits me, i love pretending that it does anyway.

The Chubby Sticks are what i reach for if i'm not feeling quite as brave but still want a little something. Sometimes my lips can look quite naturally pigmented but when you're having an off day, you sometimes just need a bit of colour.

Clinique Chubby Stick in Chunky Cherry | This, for something supposed to be sheer, really gives a nice colour. It's by no means opaque and you would probably consider it a sheer wash but the colour pay off is lovely. It's kind of a your lips but better colour, but with just a bit more pop. I love this for dressing up a little in the day if i'm not feeling a lip butter.

Clinique Chubby Stick in Pudgy Peony | This is just a gorgeous colour, but doesn't have tonnes of impact. This is more of a your lips but better, especially for me as i have naturally pink lips. It's a purple toned pink which is really nice, and different for me. I just love pairing this with simple outfits to give my face some colour.

L'Oreal Paris Rouge Caresse in Dating Coral | This is my only Rouge Caresse product, and i bought this when everyone was raving about them. It really is a great wash of colour and has a little more impact than the Chubby Sticks. It's a gorgeous, peachy orange colour and is perfect for the Spring into Summer season, and perhaps if i want a bit of a nude colour - because i do not do nude lip colours, it just does not suit me. So this is as nude as i go. It's definitely not orange like the Lip Butter but it is a gorgeous shade.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch(?) | This is such a funny product and i'm surprised we haven't got these in the UK. I picked this up in Florida last year and it's basically a lip balm with some colour. I think this shade is Pink Punch, but for some reason Maybelline thought it a good idea to put the colour on the cardboard packaging and not the tube. This is literally just a hint of colour and i wear this when i'm lounging, or popping somewhere or if i'm just having a lazy day.


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