13 July 2013


Hi guys, and back with just a bit of an informative one today. I thought i'd just let you know where you can find me!

You can follow Legs Eleven on Bloglovin' here, as it's my personal favourite way to keep up to date with all new posts. You can either click the link here or hop over to my side bar a click the little blue button that'll take you straight there too.

Other than the blog, you can find me on Instagram too. There i post little bits about my day, nothing fancy just bits & clips of day to day life. This post is surrounded by some examples of what you can find, and also in my side bar to the left is a little slideshow of some of my latest images. You can find me at @_legseleven.

You can also find me @_legseleven on Twitter, and to make that easier you can again hop to the side bar and there's a button you can click to follow me there too. It's just personal opinions and daily life. Nothing more, nothing less!


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