9 July 2013

What's in my Hair?

Now, you've probably noticed by now but i decided to dye my hair back to being a semi blonde again. I'm not going as bleach as i was last time, as that totally ruined my hair, but i'm going back to a lighter colour. Sometimes, however, i feel like i'm a redhead in a blonde's body but everyone always says that they loved me blonde and i've got to say i do agree. So, since i've done quite a lot to my hair recently i  decided it was about time to up the haircare. 

Aussie Colour Mate Shampoo | This is my chosen daily shampoo of choice. I really love the Aussie brand, mainly because their products smell absolutely divine! This particular product contains Australian Wild peach which makes it's scent seem edible. It claims to cleanse and smooth your coloured hair to keep it protected from chemical damage, and I would agree. Since switching to this shampoo, and range for that matter, my hair has become less frizzy and doesn’t need deep conditioning anywhere near as often as before, which is a big pro in my book.

Aussie Miracle Colour Insurance Leave-In Conditioner | I absolutely love this product! This is the one product that i can honestly thank for seriously improving the health of my hair. After bleaching the heck out of it a couple of years ago, my hair was seriously damaged but after using this religiously it's helped me get my hair back to a healthy style. Again, it smells simply delicious and the one I’ve been using for the longest. This honestly transformed my hair after a time I really hadn’t been taking care of it. I simply spritz this through my damp hair and let it dry naturally. The results are amazing, they leave my hair looking smooth and conditioned, like new. My fine hair can get very tangled during the shampooing process and this product is also marketed as a detangler, which is ideal for me. I use this one every day and it never overloads my hair or weighs it down, so don’t worry about that.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Colour Deep Treatment | This is my conditioner of choice and while using the Colour Mate Shampoo, I have never felt like I needed to use a regular daily conditioner and really it would be too heavy for my fine hair. So, instead, I use the 3MM every one – two weeks, or when I think it needs it, to smooth out frizz and revitalize my locks. Aussie say that the Australian Wild Peach extract also contained in the deep treatment is used as a conditioning oil and it’s fair to say my hair is definitely taken care off after applying this for three minutes.

Mark Hill Turn Up The Heat Extreme Heat Protection Spray | I know it's a total sin, and please don't judge but until now i've never really used a heat protectant. Oh goodness, but since i've decided to get on the haircare bandwagon i though it about time to get myself some heat defence. Now, it's not to say that i haven't tried because i used to use the Tresemme one that everybody, but me, seems to love and it just totally weighed down my hair and made it greasy. So, i think that experience just scared me off from trying anything else. My issue is, i tend to do most of my hair washing at night but would straighten my hair in the morning so needed something that could be used on dry hair, as well as wet. That's where this comes in! I did a lot, a lot of research and it turned out that this had the best hope for me. It says it's non-greasy, can be used on wet, damp or dry hair and it can never overload your hair no matter how much product you apply! Too good to be true? So far, so good. It smells so, so good like candy and it has a really great spray. It comes out like a mist so it sprays evenly through the hair, not directly in one spot and it's super light so definitely doesn't weigh down the hair.

L'Oreal Paris Hair Expertise EverRiche Nourishing Intense Mask | Again, since i'm trying to improve the quality of my hair i thought i'd treat myself to a deep treatment mask. After another lot of research the new L'Oreal lines really interested me. There's actually another line for coloured hair, i think called EverPure(?) that has a deep treatment which i was considering. However, after watching Fleur's favourites video she mentioned this product and she dyes her hair blonde too and raved about it. So, i thought i'd give this one a shot. What sent me in the direction of this one over the colour product was that the other one was mainly marketed to protect colour whereas this one is advertised for targeting very dry hair and improving the health so this was what i went for. So far, i'm loving it. It makes my hair really, really soft after use and it smells yummy too. Basically, it does everything it says on the tin.

L'Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil for Coloured Hair | Last, but not least, the hair oil. Since watching more Youtube videos and reading beauty blogs, i've learnt so much more about make up, skincare and hair products, and i've found that every blogger and their cat suggests to use a hair oil. Now, my hair is oily, like really oily, like so oily i generally have to wash my hair every day so to me using an oil was not an option. However, since dying my hair back to blonde it's gotten a little dryer, especially at the ends, so i thought i'd give an oil a go. I did not know where to start, there are so many on the market some being more natural and some a little more not, but i got a sample of this in a magazine and thought i'd test it out. I never, ever use samples stuck in magazines mainly because i hate those little sachets but for some reason i was feeling lucky and gave this a shot. I loved it from the word go. It does have a slightly strange scent but nothing i couldn't handle, and it just made my hair so soft and smooth. I concentrated it really in the ends and at the tips as that's where my problem area is and it just really helped to tame it. This is probably a product that just masks the problem and not changes anything, but honestly as long as it helps my hair appear and feel nice i'm not too bothered.


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