25 July 2013

#REVIEW | Good Things Blemish Control Gel Mask

As you probably all know, i have oily, sensitive, acne prone skin so any product that's marketed to assist said skin type, i'm all for. As soon as i saw this new release announcement on the Good Things Twitter & Facebook pages, i knew i certainly had to get my mitts on it.  So, when i saw this gel face mask being advertised as "anti blemish" and "oil clearing" with my favourite ingredient salicylic acid added, i was on my way to Boots to give it a road test.

When i think of gel masks, i think of the thick, gloopy kind that usually ends in a really dry result and a peel off. However, this was not what i was expecting. It's actually a lot thinner, and runnier than i had imagined and also asks you to clean it off using a warm, damp cloth like most masks. It also doesn't dry completely either, staying almost tacky on the skin. Despite all this, i actually really enjoyed using it. I'm a clay, mud mask girl through and through so i have to admit that i do get a little stuck in my rut when it comes to face masks. I rarely like to step out of the clay mask family as when i have, in the past, i've usually been underwhelmed or disappointed. I mean, who likes to take off a face mask and think: 'Well that did nothing'. Like many, i think of face masks as not only a great skincare tactic but also a luxury product.

This turned out to be very different to my usual mask, but i still enjoyed the experience but in hindsight i would probably use it in a different way to a mud or clay option. I think this would be a great option for a more clarifying mask, rather than using this during a Sunday pamper session, i think this is the kind of thing i would slip into my usual skincare routine about twice a week. I didn't feel like it deeply cleansed my skin, but there are very few masks i've found that claim to do so and actually follow through. However, i actually came to love what this did for my skin. Because it's not as heavy as a clay, i didn't tighten my skin quite as much which was actually a refreshing change, as often after using a clay my skin is uncomfortably tight and dry. This leaves my skin feeling clean and treated without being harsh.

When you first apply it smells very minty, almost mentholy, which i personally like a lot, as my current treatment wash is similar. I have to admit that for the first minute of wearing it did become very strong in feeling and scent. Now, i really do love a product that tingles so you know that it's working, and doing something for your skin, but for the first minute after application this really did make my eyes water because of it's strong menthol scent. This didn't particularly bother me as it did disappear with wear, i was just a little surprised. It definitely tingles and you can feel it working it's magic on your skin, which i like but it's not for everyone.

Once i left it on for the full ten minutes, i originally left for a further five to test out how the mask set and as i said previously it doesn't particularly dry but stays semi-tacky. Afterwards, i washed it of using a warm, damp facial cloth and wiped the product gently away and i liked how it had made my skin look, and feel. It felt very clean, and cleansed, and at the time of testing i was enduring a rather bad break out. Although it didn't magically clear up my skin, it did help to prep the skin for further break out prevention and took away any soreness or puffiness which is always a bonus.

Overall, i actually really liked this mask which, after discovering the consistency, surprises me. However, after road testing it for a few tries it leaves my skin feeling great, and it now features often in my usual skincare routine.



  1. Was looking for reviews on this product and happened to find this one! This review was so helpful, I bought this product today and when I put it on it really made my eyes water and made my face tingle, I wasn't sure if I had a reaction to it or if other people had experienced it so your review was really helpful. Thank you very much!

  2. I had to research the reviews on this product as didn't know if I was having an allergic reaction. I salivate a lot and my eyes water it is so strong haha. But I don't mind abit of pain if its working.


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