23 July 2013

Top Summer Scents

There are so many things that remind me of the Summer: The countdown to your next holiday, having all of your bedroom windows wide open at night, the need for a cold shower when you get in from a long day; but isn't it funny how a certain scent can totally take you back to somewhere totally different? Today, i'm going to share with you some of my favourite Summer fragrances and where they take me.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Parfum | I have to say that i adore this fragrance, and not even just during the Summer, but this for me is the epitome of my Summer scent. It's light, floral and fragrant, and as an eau de parfum it lasts all day and all night. With it's top notes of Wild Strawberry and it's heart notes of violet, it's just a beautiful combination of fruits and flowers. It totally engulfs you when you do the classic shimmy through your perfume cloud, and yet it's not overwhelming or heavy. It's light, and just sits there waiting to be noticed. This reminds me of Summer nights, spritzing this on my top and through my hair - anybody else do that? - before leaving the house and heading to dinner, or a movie, or just for a night in with the girls. It reminds me of setting suns and long Summer nights.

Zara Woman Apple Juice Eau de Toilette | This is a newer scent to me, and one that i actually got for Christmas in my Secret Santa gift - after a lot of hinting, of course. My lovely friend gave this to me after an afternoon of sniffing all of Zara's affordable, but still lovely perfumes. This one really stood out to be with it's classic fruity smell, it's just so juicy and delicious. It has top notes of Apple and Grapefruit, with a middle note of Rose to balance this out. This is slightly heavier in scent than Daisy but as an eau de toilette it slowly fizzles out through the day and works off of your clothes, leaving a faint aroma. Although i began using it in Winter, it works best as a Spring/Summer scent but it's memories are of friends, and of laughter. Cocktails and girls' nights, feeling carefree and having fun.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine Edition Eau de Toilette | This is actually the newest addition to perfume collection, as it was a lovely 21st birthday gift. This little guy is the cousin to my original Marc Jacobs Daisy. The sunshine edition really is full on Summer, as it's top notes include Red Currant, Guava and Mandarin with Violet, Lychee and Lily-of-the-Valley running through it. It's a gorgeous scent, that somehow reminds me of sun cream. This really is Summer through and through, and i'm yet to make many memories with this one as it's only just getting a look in. So far it takes me to the sunshine and a lot of fun, as i'm usually doing a quick spritz as i walk out the door for a drink with friends.

Victoria's Secret Vibrant Peony Summer Freshes Fragrance Mist | Last, but not least, is something i picked up on holiday last year so it's not going to be took shocking where this takes me. This is pretty similar to my other Summer picks, with Peony and Orange Blossom being it's top notes, it's a gorgeous mix of floral and fruit but leaning on the floral. It's just so light, and lovely for day to day when i don't want anything too much. It's lovely for when you grabbing lunch with a friend or doing a spot of shopping, i most often go for this when i'm just heading into university. This just reminds me of holidays, and the sun beating down, not to mention the beautiful Victoria's Secret stores too.


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  1. I love how perfume has that power of being able to instantly transport you back to a moment or feeling in time! For me it will always be Glow by J-LO and Velvet Hour By Kate Moss.
    I really want to try Daisy! The bottle is such a darling ♥ xxx


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